Step 2: Shortbread Base

1part sugar
2parts Butter
3parts Flour

that means if youre measuring with cups its a cup of sugar, 2cups butter, 3cups flour.
i use 100g/3.5oz of suggar and i have a little leftover to put in the freezer for shortbread biscuits

step 1:
put dry ingredients in the processor and blitz.

step 2:
little by little add the butter until you get the right consistency, wet enough to stay together but dry enough to crumble in your fingers.

step 3:
pour the crumbs into the mould and press into place

step4 (optional)
put the remaining shortbread into plastic wrap, flatten out and put in the freezer. this can be used in at a future time to make shortbread biscuits, just remove from the freezer, cut (while still frozen and put into a preheated over at 180C / 350F / Gas 4 for about 10 mins
I can taste it, just from your pictures!
I can't wait to try your recipe! I love lemon pie! I like to add chopped pecans to my lemon pie crust to add a little dimension, smooth, creamy & nutty/crunchy
I don't think I've had lemon meringue pie and you sure make it look delicious! Maybe I'll be able to find time to make it this season :D
cheers, let me know how it turns out
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