Step 4: Seperating the Eggs

this bit needs a little focus and forethought.
 you need:
the 2 bowls
the cup
the 8 eggs

break an egg over the cup, let the white fall into the cup. if you managed to seperate well, pour the whitefrom the cup into the bowl to make the meringue and the yolk in the other bowl.

If the yolk breaks throw the lot into the bowl for making the lemon curd. once you have 4 whites with no trace of yolk in one bowl break the rest of the eggs in the bowl for the curd.

if you have any brolken yolk in the whites it will be very difficult to whisk the whites
I can taste it, just from your pictures!
I can't wait to try your recipe! I love lemon pie! I like to add chopped pecans to my lemon pie crust to add a little dimension, smooth, creamy & nutty/crunchy
I don't think I've had lemon meringue pie and you sure make it look delicious! Maybe I'll be able to find time to make it this season :D
cheers, let me know how it turns out
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