Perfect Little Sprinkle Necklace!




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Introduction: Perfect Little Sprinkle Necklace!

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this ia a necklace made from only two things , an old pocket watch and sprinkles!

Step 1: Supplies

all you need is a old pocket watch and sprinkles.

Step 2: Opening the Pocket Watch

now , open your pocket watch (you might have to use pliers) take the actual watch part out. now you will have a watch container.

Step 3: Put the Sprinkles In.

now take the sprinkles and pour them in until it is about 3/4 filled.

Step 4: Close It.

now close the pocket watch.make sure it is tight, you don't want the sprinkles falling out everywhere!

Step 5: Wear It!

now you have a perfect little sprinkle necklace. it will make a lovely edition to your jewelry collection!



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    Awww, this looks so adorabubble!!!

    Gorgeous. :) I have done something very similar, It also looks great with colourful seed beads :)