Perfect Little Sprinkle Necklace.





Introduction: Perfect Little Sprinkle Necklace.

this a very cute sprinkle necklace that is made. i used an old pocket watch that was broken and just took the clock out of it and i was left with this unique and beautiful pendant! i was looking for something to put in it and i thought that sprinkles would look cute. this would make a great wedding gift or simply just a unique necklace for everyday wear.

have fun!!!!



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    this is super cool!
    can you do a step by step on how to make it?? id really like to try it :)

    i just did! i would love to see a pic of it if you make it!
    have fun!

    woooot :)
    thanks heaps <3
    can u send me the link for it pleaseee ? :D

    sure! here is the link!
    you can also just look at my instructables!


    Thank you sooo much! ill do it as soon as i have the materials and everything!
    ill tell you how it goes ;)

    sure! i will try do do it as soon as possible.
    it is actually really easy. all you need is sprinkles and a old pocket watch!

    Emergency sprinkle supply! The sprinkles look great, and I can envision some scenarios that would be BYOSprinkles. An extemporaneous cupcake decorating party, perhaps? Accidentally ordered the wrong donuts for the local precinct? Sure, it's cute. But it's also practical. :-D