Perfect Ramen





Introduction: Perfect Ramen

the steps to make perfect ramen. this technique has been developed over three semesters of college.

Step 1: Get a Package of Ramen

Step 2: Get a Glad Microwaveable Bowl

Step 3:

break up the ramen into two or three pieces

Step 4:

put ramen and seasoning into glad bowl, then just put enogh water to almost submerge the noddles but not completely

Step 5:

put in microwave with lid on for three minutes

Step 6:

mix the noddles around a bit...enjoy...its better when they are sauce is reccommended



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    I personally like to heat up the water for about 3 minutes on high and then add the noodles to the bowl. Let them soak for a minimum of 30 minutes and then reheat as needed. This makes the noodles extra big, like grade A fancy Ramen.

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    oh my god. You just reminded me of a terrible time i had with ramen in 6th grade. I was going to school, and i decided to bring fresh ramen noodle to lunch. WHen 5th period finally came, i opened up the thermos to find HUMUNGOUS ramen noodles crammed in the thermos, they had soaked up all the water. They were disgusting and horrible looking, they were really soft and fragile. I threw up. twice. ugh.

    That's because the thermos kept it at cooking temperature for 5 hours or so. In this method the ramen is heated just enough to allow it to soak up the water. It remains in the cooking temp range for minutes not hours. Next time go with cold noodles, they are still very good.

    I have taken ramen to school as lunch before. The secret is to take the packet of ramen and a thermos of boiling water to school. The period before lunch, or at the start of lunch, insert the ramen, wait either the period or 10-15 minutes or so, drain off excess water and add flavor. Yummy.

    fancy... and ramen... in the same sentence? man must take you a long time until you eat your ramen

    Indeed it does, but the extra effort gives me an excuse to watch some anime to get me into the Ramen mindset.

    i still like my method better.....i break the instant ramen block into smaller pieces like 20+ and no enough water to cover it all.....cook for 4-5 min so it gets starchy and then add the seasoning......its a flavor best with chicken flavor

    you could just put all the ingredients on one page and the put bowl in microwave for 3 min until ready to eat on the 2nd page. great job, now i know how to make best perfect raman!!!

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    if u do, the ramens gona taste nasty, even tho ramen is already nasty.

    no, actually it tastes great! ( I've tried it, I'm not just saying that)

    i am korean!!!! i know what good ramen tastes like and what bad ramen tastes like.
    top ramen and cup noodles are on the horrble side.
    so ramen is basicaly supposed to be spicy and not salty.

    this top ramen stuff is just chicken noodle soup with no chicken

    why in hell would you add salt to noodles when its already salty?????

    I think i'm the only person alive who adds salt to ramen. I boil noodles, transfer noodles to bowl, pour enough water from pot to cover noodles, add entire seasoning packet, and usually more salt. Maybe drop an egg in that bad boy. Hooray for high blood pressure.

    heres the recipe for best ramen. first boil water, then put it in for a little less than three minutes then drain most but not all the water then put in all of the flavor packet

    ew. I'll never eat this stuff again, thanks to a recipe i found for homemade ramen from scratch.

    This is pretty much exactly how I always make my ramen. It's the simplest, quickest way, and tastes as good as always. Besides, if you really wanted grade A ramen you wouldn't be paying 10 cents per package. This works with those styrofoam cup noodles too, just add the water first and microwave for like 2 minutes, then let it cook a little.

    1.I've burned ramen about 10 times. 2.Breaking up your ramen is just stupid 3. It taste better on the stove top