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the steps to make perfect ramen. this technique has been developed over three semesters of college.

Step 1: Get a package of ramen

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MysticX9 years ago
I personally like to heat up the water for about 3 minutes on high and then add the noodles to the bowl. Let them soak for a minimum of 30 minutes and then reheat as needed. This makes the noodles extra big, like grade A fancy Ramen.
lawizeg MysticX7 years ago
oh my god. You just reminded me of a terrible time i had with ramen in 6th grade. I was going to school, and i decided to bring fresh ramen noodle to lunch. WHen 5th period finally came, i opened up the thermos to find HUMUNGOUS ramen noodles crammed in the thermos, they had soaked up all the water. They were disgusting and horrible looking, they were really soft and fragile. I threw up. twice. ugh.
MysticX lawizeg7 years ago
That's because the thermos kept it at cooking temperature for 5 hours or so. In this method the ramen is heated just enough to allow it to soak up the water. It remains in the cooking temp range for minutes not hours. Next time go with cold noodles, they are still very good.
I have taken ramen to school as lunch before. The secret is to take the packet of ramen and a thermos of boiling water to school. The period before lunch, or at the start of lunch, insert the ramen, wait either the period or 10-15 minutes or so, drain off excess water and add flavor. Yummy.
abnor MysticX7 years ago
fancy... and ramen... in the same sentence? man must take you a long time until you eat your ramen
MysticX abnor7 years ago
Indeed it does, but the extra effort gives me an excuse to watch some anime to get me into the Ramen mindset.
i still like my method better.....i break the instant ramen block into smaller pieces like 20+ and no enough water to cover it all.....cook for 4-5 min so it gets starchy and then add the seasoning......its a flavor explosion.....works best with chicken flavor
you could just put all the ingredients on one page and the put bowl in microwave for 3 min until ready to eat on the 2nd page. great job, now i know how to make best perfect raman!!!
if u do, the ramens gona taste nasty, even tho ramen is already nasty.
Sylkhr x z i t6 years ago
no, actually it tastes great! ( I've tried it, I'm not just saying that)
x z i t Sylkhr5 years ago
i am korean!!!! i know what good ramen tastes like and what bad ramen tastes like.
top ramen and cup noodles are on the horrble side.
so ramen is basicaly supposed to be spicy and not salty.

this top ramen stuff is just chicken noodle soup with no chicken
ramenmaster5 years ago
why in hell would you add salt to noodles when its already salty?????
vandal11385 years ago
I think i'm the only person alive who adds salt to ramen. I boil noodles, transfer noodles to bowl, pour enough water from pot to cover noodles, add entire seasoning packet, and usually more salt. Maybe drop an egg in that bad boy. Hooray for high blood pressure.
mikstr25 years ago
heres the recipe for best ramen. first boil water, then put it in for a little less than three minutes then drain most but not all the water then put in all of the flavor packet
PizzaPlanet7 years ago
boooooo microwave ramen sucks
lawizeg7 years ago
ew. I'll never eat this stuff again, thanks to a recipe i found for homemade ramen from scratch.
Hat Trick7 years ago
This is pretty much exactly how I always make my ramen. It's the simplest, quickest way, and tastes as good as always. Besides, if you really wanted grade A ramen you wouldn't be paying 10 cents per package. This works with those styrofoam cup noodles too, just add the water first and microwave for like 2 minutes, then let it cook a little.
sayxmoose9 years ago
1.I've burned ramen about 10 times. 2.Breaking up your ramen is just stupid 3. It taste better on the stove top
YOU try to find a way to put the rectangle block in the circle hole.
Plus. Top Ramen is Horrrrible!
You're psychotic.
Joe8579 years ago
I just tried this, a few tips: Don't take the ramen out of the microwave too early. I just burned my wrist. And make sure the ramen is comepletely submurged in water, or else part of it won't cook.
abnor Joe8577 years ago
thus, break it apart to fit it in your oddly american containers
Crash21089 years ago
Only wusses break the noodles up.. It is best on the stove without melted plastic, with plenty of Frank's red hot, pepper and some soy sauce and seasoned salt.
abnor Crash21087 years ago
the reason he broke up the noodles was to fit in his oddly shaped container
AndyHope8 years ago
wow i've been microwaving noodles since i was five
abnor AndyHope7 years ago
well coqui beat you to making an instructable about it
robinator7 years ago
wow i did this and it really is perfect ramen. i suggest you microwave it with a square container and you leave one corner off for ventilation. just a little. and then microwave it for 3:45 minutes on high. thats how i did it and it came out great. your method of adding water and seasoning before cooking is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!
parrtiky7 years ago
Three semesters of college and still can't spell 'recommended'. Maybe it's the result of eating so much cheap pasta.
n0ukf parrtiky7 years ago
And the Instructables site even gives you a spell checker when you're creating the Instructable, so there's even less reason to misspell here. Even the comments have a spell checker.
Glow Gal7 years ago
antisocialiting posted like, 3 years ago, but I like to do the same thing. I also add vegetable oil or butter(just a little bit).
Dim-17 years ago
perfect and simple. I sometimes throw an egg in the ramen while it is hot enough to flash cook the egg. That makes it kind of like egg drop soup.
Looks good!
rockinh7 years ago
We use to put a cheese slice in there too. Of course adding processed cheese, does not help in the healthier for you department.
radiobath7 years ago
Were you supposed to put the top on all the way? Because I got the scare of my life when the top exploded off. No mess, though. Just...frightening. Also, 4 min for Maruchan, like others have said. Tabasco sauce and worcestershire sauce are extremely delicious in chicken, while soy sauce, ginger, and sesame oil are amazing in oriental.
Cartuner558 years ago
look at my new group! be the first to join! its called Ramen Lovers
jdelcorro8 years ago
Cheap add-ons for collegiate ramen: frozen peas and carrots hot dogs an egg cold cuts
bmazing9 years ago
I thinks its better to cook the noodles then drain the water then add the packet that gives maxiumum flavor ummm.
Mees agrees :)
I use soy sauce. I actually developed headaches and other crap when I stopped making it with the packet. Gawd.
water makes it FAR more filling :3
Adrien8 years ago
GOTTA LOVE THE RAMEN Well this is gonna help the endless hours of sleeplessness and it only helps for three minutes.... well great instructable it sure helped me :)
ironsmiter9 years ago
Everyone is WRONG(except Agraveman) well, sometimes. My favorite is to make the noodles with 1/2 the spice packet, in the water... then DRAIN thenoodles. add 1-2 Tlbs of sour cream, and the remainder of the spice packet. stir throughly. if pressed for money, regular Yougart works ok too, but retain the entire packet untill after draining. The Kim Chi ramen is best for this I think, as they are extra spicy(yum-don't worry, the dairy helps cut some of the fire) and a little less salty. This turns Ramen into a warm pasta salad of sort. Sometimes though, you just gotta bite the bullet, and have it regular. a packet of ramen goes a LOT further when served with the spicepacket broth. If you're stuck on a college campus, wander around during the early morning, and look for patches of chives. gather a handful, and WASH WELL. chop, and add to the noodles... extra vegitables and flavor, for free. (early morning chives are less likely to have been trampled or peed on by dogs/drunk freshmen.)
*blink..* Usually i just like the chicken Maruchan ramen straight up , water still in the bowl XD.

beef is tasty too :3
Dragonpike8 years ago
It works i just did it.Perfect for when you dont want to boil the water.I like to put diff ingredients though.I did Barbeque Pork
zachninme8 years ago
Someone needs to make a ramen group!
fyrefoxx8 years ago
Be sure to stir at least once during cooking so as to get all the noodles submerge, you might need a little extra water
Any Ramen + any meat = Yes

zachninme9 years ago
I have slightly tweaked your method to produce better results. Skip step 3, instead rinse the ramen block with water. On step 4, put in a shallow bowl and put the seasoning in, as well as enough water to come up 1/2 up the side of the ramen (roughly 1/2 a cup). 5: Put on a lid (to trap steam, but leave a small hole so it doesn't explode), and microwave for 3 minutes. Then take it out, flip it over (it will all come apart, but try to get the not-so-cooked part in the water) and microwave for 30 seconds (to make up for lost heat during the "flip). Leave in microwave for 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on your taste. Then eat the goodness :-D. In the end, you have only about 1/3 of a cup of the "broth". When it gets time to drinking it, it is INCREDIBLY salty, but you can be a man, or add more water.
Mikee9 years ago
Top Ramen SUCKS!!!!! It is too salty and not spicy enough. Maruchan or other more genuine ramen is best. I too like adding an egg occasionally. It is a trick of pouring it through fork tines while stirring it. Make sure you do this just after you remove it from the heat and you will have nice silky strings instead of clumpy dissolved toilet paper looking stuff, SICK! I also add dehydrated onions when I add the noodles, and stir in either chili oil or garlic chili paste.
Havoc4819 years ago
for the maruchan go for 4mn. but do every thing else
oh its the Maruchan Ramin you can get from walmart or at sams
lol dont feel bad mmcwhi2 my stove didnt work right today, i wasnt paying any attention to the stove and i didnt notice that the water wasnt boiling, just warm and i dumped the noodles in and they just kinda drooped i tried to eat them and i blew them back out all over my floor
westfw9 years ago
You can may "thai style" ramen by draining the noodles and adding a peanut sauce composed of peanut butter, water, soysauce, hot sauce, and green onions (last two optional.) Adds a bit of protein to your salt, and a distinctly differemt taste. You college students had the PB around for the PB&J sandwiiches anyway, right? You CAN make ramen in a coffee cup, with hot water from the office coffee machine. Break up the noodles and fill the cup, add desired amount of seasoning, then add hot water and cover for a few minutes, till it reaches the desired consistancy. Did that at my summer job... (this implies you can make ramen given any appliance that will yield near-boiling hot water, which gives you a lot of flexibility.) Ah. Ramen. The best meal you can get for $0.10....
mmcwhi29 years ago
would you believe me if i told you that i have actually messed up making ramen? well i have, and it was frightening.
jleanse239 years ago
A fried egg is really good on the noodles and adds some nutrition to it.
agraveman9 years ago
as asian...............NEVER break my noodle
palindrome9 years ago
First: Ramen is the total and ultimate nutrition bomb. Don't eat it. Ever. Second: Dude, you totally need more water in there. It's only good when the noodles are swimming around. You know, soupy. Third: Seconding the rooster sauce.
Divemark5009 years ago
The key to perfect ramen is perfect timing.
Ok, have you folks seen How to Make a Bowl of Cereal? Search for it on video.google... it's a bizarre short by a kid named Keaton. And yes, this reminds me of it.
SirGrok9 years ago
When I make ramen, I always drain the cooking water from the noodles and then add cold water (it gets warm from the noodles) to cool the noodles down and then add the flavor packet. Yummy.
I define financial success as having gone so long without eating ramen, one actually craves it. I am of the school that drains the noodles and reconstitutes the packet in a fresh pot of water.
paulbell9 years ago
I thought this was part of remote control cooking. Add everything all at first cook 1 min and wait to cool. Easy as this
I agree with coqui. Ramen takes talent. Good ramen is a skill. Also, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (or more commonly known as rooster sauce) makes it much more edible when the budget is tight and it looks like ramen for a bit longer.