Perler Beads Frozen Snowflake




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Introduction: Perler Beads Frozen Snowflake

tody ill be showo I ing u how to make a snowflake with perler beads

Step 1: Supplies

u will need :star shaped pegboard, iron, wax paper and perler beads

Step 2: Placing the Beads

start from the top

Step 3: Then Do the Same Thing Until U Finish

thatshow it th should look like when ur donr placing the beads

Step 4: Placingthe Wax Paper

put the wax paper on top of of the design

Step 5: Place the Ion on Top of the Wax Paper

rub the iron and let the bead s melt

Step 6: Wait Tull Bubbles Start Forming at the Top That Means Its Almost Done

rub the iron all over the beads

Step 7: Peel Off the Wax Paper and Flip the Snow Flake Over Iron the Other Side To

now iron the other side

Step 8: Place the Wax Paper Over the Desighn and Put the Ron Over He Wax Paper

rub it on the wax paper tull the bubbles show up

Step 9: Peel Off Db the Wax Paper and Ur Done

Step 10:

Step 11:



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