Introduction: Personal Rainbow

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This personal rainbow is a finger woven cord that can be used for decorations!!!

Step 1: Materials

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1. scissors
2. rainbow yarn
3. tape ( or pins; this is just for hanging up)

Step 2: Getting Started

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First, find the end of the yarn and place it between your thumb and the rest of your hand ( for this i nstructable, it would probably be easier to look at the pictures)

Step 3:

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1. now, take the working yarn ( the yarn coming from the ball) and bring it behind your index finger, in front of your middle finger, behind your ring finger, and in front of your little finger.
2. next, bring the working yarn behind the little finger, in front of tour ring finger, behind your middle finger, and so on.

Step 4: First Row

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1. take the working yarn, and simply wrap it around the top of your hand. Make sure that it is above the previous loops
2. bring the bottom loops over the top loops. the string that your thumb is holding should slip to the back of your hand.

Step 5: Repeat

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1. keep repeating step 4 until your work is the desired length. the work will grow from th he back of your hand. Make sure to pull it down!

Step 6: Finishing Up

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1.cut about 5 in. of yarn from the working yarn.
2. feesdthe cut piece of yarn into the first loop, and pull it off. repeat on the other loops.

Step 7: Making It Into a Rainbow!

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this step is optional. It is just to show a way to display the rainbow


tomatoskins (author)2015-06-12

I've never seen that weave before. It looks really cool! Thanks for sharing!

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