Picture of phoenix from rought weeping willow branchs
I've made this tiny bird on a weekend during my summer hollidays in south of France, when the sun was way too hot for me! It took me about 2 days to finish it. It's simple assembly, no glue is requiered, just toothpicks and that will do the trick.

The only tools you need are a sharp knife and toothpicks, a needle or something to drill holes for them.

Step 1: The head

Picture of The head
I started by the head,  from a curved branch, to have a natural neck. Cut the beack as long as you want, shape the head and the neck. You can drill 2 tiny holes for the eyes, then use a really tiny branch, force it in the hole and cut it, you will have the center white, and around will be brown. I added a "feather" on the top of the head. There was an old branche hole so i used it to fix the feather. Most of the time with weeping willows, you will find the exact same hole in the curve of a branch, take a look ;)

Once your head is done, you can use your knife to cut the wood slightly, to make somekind of feathering.

Then come the body.
pj632 years ago
A Beautiful Creation .... Well Done
stico (author)  pj632 years ago
Thanks a lot
dflynn52 years ago
Very cool ;) Well done.
stico (author)  dflynn52 years ago
Thanks !
Doing it. Thanks you a lot dear. You're a artist
iOskr2 years ago
I love it!!! you are an artist. Thanks for sharing
stico (author)  iOskr2 years ago
You're welcome ! Thanks for the nice comment !
BMR111002 years ago
Looks time consuming
BMR111002 years ago
That is epic!
stico (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks a lot !!