Picture of phone pouch
I always have trouble storing my smartphone in the pockets of my jeans or shirt. It is almost necessary to wear some kind of jacket to safely carry my phone. Here is a solution I think works. A phonepouch on your belt. This one is made of some old T shirt scraps and a bike innertube. 

second edition

second photograph shows a revised edition, witch looks a lot "cleaner".
More photo's and remarks on several steps marked: "extra-extra, second edition"
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Step 1: You will need

Picture of You will need
A sewing machine
old t-shirt or other crap of soft textile
piece of hook and loop
bike innertube

Step 2: Back side

Picture of back side
Cut 3 pieces of bike-tube about 1 3/4 length of your phone. Mine is 23 cm. Attach the three pieces to each other and to a piece of fabric with one line of stitching. Make a line of stitching round the outline to secure the fabric to the tube.
Mark out the lenght of your phone. The remaining part of the backside will become flap and can be finished with a zigzag or decorative stitch. Notice that I made the flap a little less wide to correspond with the measurements of the phone ( 7 cm in my case).

Extra-extra, second edition:
Notice photo 4 and 5
Using a bit bigger tube I only needed two pieces witch I cut with extra seam. Stiching is done with a simple straight stich. On the end of one side I added a rim, cut out of another piece of tire

Step 3: The belt loop

Picture of the belt loop
Cut two small pieces of tube. Reinforce the backside with fabric. Finish two opposith sides with zigzag. stich te other sides to the back of the pouch. Leave a little room for the belt

Step 4: Front side

Picture of front side
I choose to use the pieces of tube in a horizontal direction. Then you need 5 pieces of tube. Sew them to the fabric and at the same time attach them to each other. Then sew round the outside. Make little inward rounded edges on one side. Attach a piece of hook and loop (hook side) to the other side.

extra-extra second edition
notice photo 4,5 and 6
I used 2 pieces of tire lenghtwise, not cut in half but almost the entire width. The corners are cut off for the next step

Step 5: Hook and loop

Picture of Hook and loop
Before closing the pouch attach a piece of hook and loop (loop side ) to the flap of the backside

extra-extra, second edition:
notice photo2
The edge is straight and only middle part is trimmed with an extra piece of tire 

Step 6: Assembly

Picture of assembly
Attach front and back side first at the bottom. When attaching the sides move them a little to the middle so the front side is wider than the back side and provides room for the phone. The rounded corners provide the neccasary space in the corners.

second edition
notice photo 4
Only straight sewing is used. The bottom is trimmed with a extra piece of tire.

Step 7: The finished product

Picture of the finished product
Check if your phone fits. A tight fit feels more secure, so if necessary make new stitches a little closer to the phone.
Hook it on your belt and wander of in the world. 
Dglantz2 years ago
Do you sell these?
Ruud van Koningsbrugge (author)  Dglantz2 years ago
Not yet, but could do so!
Is 20 euro plus shipping cost (as a simple letter approx. 3 euro) a reasonable idea? With precise measurements of the phone I am willing to take orders.
Ruud van Koningsbrugge (author) 2 years ago
Thanks Foobear,
I was not satisfied with the fringy edges, and made myself a sleeker one. Photo's will follow soon.
foobear2 years ago
You read my mind, I was thinking about something like this. Good result - very masculine, not girly. cool!