Introduction: Phone Stand for Less Than $1

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Hello in this instructable i will show you how to make a phone, gps or whatever stand.Sorry for my english,its not my native language. So first lets see the list of materials:

Step 1: Materials & Tools

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So for building you need:

+ A clip (found in any office)
+ A ball of paper, if its  tissue paper, better.(not pictured)
+ Tape (any kind will work)


+Clamps(sorry, its google traductor, i mean the tool that is used to twist the clip) (not pictured)Also, you could use pliers.
+Something that can draw on metal

Step 2: Twist the Clip

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Twist the clip with the pliers or clamps until you get this form.The ruler is for measuring size of the parts, i chose 1cm for the short part, and the rest i made it by eye.
Also, twist the angle to your like.

Step 3: Tape It to Somewhere

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Now, just tape the clip to anywhere you like then tape the ball of paper above the clip so that it acts as a paper ball (:P) that stops the phone from falling forward

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Stand

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it also can double as a charging dock.


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