Photocopier Paperclip Prank





Introduction: Photocopier Paperclip Prank

Office pranks are the best pranks.

Prank your coworkers by making all their copies come out with a paperclip placed on them. By replacing the paper try blanks with doctored paper that has paperclips already printed on them, your coworkers could have a mini meltdown looking for a paperclip on the copier tray that just isn't there.

This harmless prank is sure to frustrate your coworkers, and provide you with a few giggles. The best part about this prank is that it can easily be reset, ready to prank the next coworker!

Step 1: Place Paperclip

place a paperclip on the glass of the photocopier. Most copiers need something on the bed in order to make a copy, place a piece of office paper over the paperclip.

Step 2: Make a Copy

Make a few copies, you should now have a white sheet of paper with a paperclip on it.

Step 3: Find 'up' in Your Printer Tray

Before you can place the paperclip paper back in the copier you'll need to determine which side to have your prank paper face. Some copiers flip the paper around when it gets fed through the machine, so it's important to know which face will be printed on.

I opened the feeder tray and put a mark on the top sheet, then closed the tray and ran a blank copy. After examining the result I determined that my copier printed with the feeder tray facing upwards. I loaded in my prank paperclip paper then set the printer to only feed from the prank paper tray.

Step 4: Frustration Ensues!

When your coworker makes a copy the output will have a paperclip somewhere on it. In bewilderment they will open the machine to find the paperclip they think they left on the copier bed.

Sit back and giggle to yourself as your coworker looses their mind when making copies. They may eventually find the paperclip in the feeder tray, but not before searching for a paperclip on the photocopier that's not there.

Happy pranksgiving!



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    Instead of a paper clip, try this.

    Write "HELP I'M TRAPPED IN THE COPIER!", Write it with a Sharpie and write it backwards. Make copies and intermingle copies with the supply of copy paper.

    You've set me chuckling!

    I love practical jokes, and for a practical joke to be funny, it must be both practical AND a joke. If it causes a loss of life, limb, eyesight, property, or marriage, it isn't very practical. This one has inspired me to go to work on Monday and to print about a half dozen paper clip pages and distribute them through the ream and a half of paper that our printer/copier/fax holds in our office. This way, they'll be random and unpredictable. I can only imagine the stream of engineers that would be sent in to observe our printer/copier/fax machine to try to determine what is causing this problem in order to provide a solution. Engineers, awesome guys!!!

    really nice prank, good reason to wast some other paper... a thing the world needs right NOW! :-)

    If one only thinks how much paper is wasted in offices worldwide in useless copies possibly never read... how much energy and chemicals are needed to make it a decent white, the energy to actually make it and... finally the energy required to print, the worldwide business around it.... whoa!

    Are there still trees to cut out there?

    Wow can anyone remember that it is april 1st and we to have fun and not dump on the day or person,comment in a way where you are superior to all or try to make others feel guilty from your own personal views,grow up a be an adult and act like a kid once in a while you will find it rewarding


    I don't get why everyone takes this so seriously. Reprinting documents is NOT a big deal.

    I'd just draw a paperclip in the copier's bed with a thin dark marker. The glass is pretty dark, the drawing would be pretty hard to spot, IMO. And it doesn't waste energy and cartridge life.