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Lets's play chess?

This project is a micro controller chess game. The objective has to be able to play chess on a VGA monitor, including an intelligent computer to play against. This all has been accomplished with a microcontroller.

I started this as a project for the college ( I am a Electrical Engineering student ), but it has grow way beyond that. Now it is a complete chess game with a video output, keyboard for user interface, audio for some sound effects, a clock, a temperature meter. All the code was written from scratch, so any questions about the code you can ask me. I took a lot of time to write all this down, and to make the video and audio routines. The code is all well commented (almost all in English) and modular, it shouldn't be hard to understand.

The source code (attached as a RAR file) was all divided in simple modules, so it's easy to debug and re-use. Some cool techniques where used in the routines that are worth a look. The division of the source code is as follows :
  • Audio
  • Keyboard
  • Video
  • Graphics Routines
  • Serial
  • Temperature sensing
  • External Flash Memory (NVM)
  • Real Time Clock and Calendar (RTCC)
  • Analog Clock
  • Chess Engine
  • Chess Human Interface
  • Chess Graphics
  • Conway's Game of Life
Each section of the code is explained in the next Steps of the instructable, the entire code is huge (108 pages) so i will just scrach the top of it. The routines are written in a non-blocking way, so adding more stuff it's plain.

In the end i had a nice game, not so hard but funny.

Thanks to to my friend Igor for drawing the pieces for me (I suck in Paint).

And if you like the project, and feel it deserves to win, vote in the Microcontroller Contest,and on the Toy contest.To vote go to the following links:
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Arthur Benemann, Brazil 2011
Dmax711 year ago

very cool project , I may have a go at this at some point , thanks for posting it up :)

ioliveira4 years ago
kaneco4 years ago
Awesome work! Congratulations!
alee304 years ago
Bah, muito bom! Parabéns!
Agostinii4 years ago
Genial! Ganhou meu voto!
rpinheiro4 years ago
Belo trabalho, eu certamente irei dar uma estudada nele e aproveitar alguns conhecimentos. Bom ver brasileiros marcando presença por aqui. Só sugiro dar uma estudada no inglês que tá pegando.

rimar20004 years ago
Awesome work! Congratulations!