Picture of picnic table
This instructable is for a large diy wooden picnic table  which is easy to step in.
The picnic table in the construction pictures is one without the corners under 45 degrees like in the first picture.
It is made completely of two by fours (89x38)
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Step 1: The two benches

Picture of the two benches
I used some m8 threaded rods to connect the leg constructions.
In total is have used 24 each 16 cm and have cut them when the table was ready.
Some coach bolt will even look better.
For the other connections i used wood screws of 80mm.
Click on "i" in the upper left corner of the pictures and than choose original file for a larger version of the picture.
A google sketchup version can be downloaded here

Step 2: The table

Picture of the table
For the legs of the table you need to cut out a piece for each leg.

Step 3: Screw it all together

Picture of screw it all together
The legs of the table must not be lower than the connection two by fours .
The horizontal connections are 50mm of the floor so it won't wobble on an uneven surface.

Step 4: In inches

Picture of in inches
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BaljinderS2 months ago

Hi do you have video lesson? I am confused on how to attach the table to the legs keeping the space between each 2x4.

tlehockey2 months ago

Can someone just build this and I'll buy it?

KyleW12 months ago

Suppose i want to use 2x6s for the borders, how would you go about joining them? Would you use metal brackets underneath the seats and table top? I'm currently working on this project and it's going along great thanks to your instructable! Just could use some more expirienced advice. Almost gave my thumb for it yesterday.

drean (author)  KyleW12 months ago
When i build mine i thought about using brackets because the wood was a bit twistet .so yes brackets ,or pins .
johnininman made it!4 months ago

This is my version I made for someone who is a Yankees fan. Iit was fun thank you for the great directions.

ryanpmcg7 months ago

Has anyone had any problems with the design? I'm figuring up the materials I need and all the different boards I need. I just want to find out the problems before I build it that I can make adjustments if needed.

Kunihiko made it!7 months ago

A 5 foot version here, attached on the side is a little bronze ornament that I bought in Myanmar as souvenir. Thank you for the great plans. It looks great in Japanese garden as well! We love it!!!

IMG_2926 resize.JPG
ryanbouwmeester made it!8 months ago

My final version. Made a few adjustments such as lengthening the table to 7ft, using 2x6 trim for outer boards and inner table board but for the most part followed the plans.

Wayno15 made it!9 months ago

I made a slightly modified version with detached benches and straight legs on the table to match the benches (plus it was easier to do on my own). Excuse the blocks under it, the garden isn't level and the missus wants something to sit on to watch me build the deck.

I used a total of 22 x 2.4m lengths.

She just has to decide what colour we want it now.

Thanks for the excellent inspiration.

Prodip_5210 months ago
doflagie made it!11 months ago

Me Too!! Me Too!! Love the looks of this table, so much that I tried one. The table ended up with straight legs rather than crossed...

Two pics for you. Nekkid and dressed :-)

Great Design, Thanks

Picnic Table 5 2 2014 003 800.jpgPicnic Table 5 2 2014 010 800.jpg
Jayka11 months ago

Our picnic table :) Thank you for the plans we love it!


Hi, I'm interested in building this table, but our budget is a little tight. How much did it cost you for all the wood and supplies?

Its roughly about $125...2x4s are about $80, screws are gonna getcha, I think I bought the 5 lb box ( which is twice as much as you need) for about $30 & Nuts/bolts cant remember but like I said its close to $125 not counting anything extra as far as sanding paper or paint,sealer whatever else you might have in mind. Sorry for late reply just saw it...

drean (author)  Ian Cummings1 year ago

I don't know the prices in your country ,but if i was to build it here in europe it would cost me about 90 euro .You will need about 48 meters of 2x4's and some screws and M8 parts.

sra1369 made it!11 months ago

Any Dallas Cowboys fans?!?!? Here is mine :) . Wanting to maybe do one with cooler in middle, any suggestions on what would work best? I heard rain gutters but looking for several ideas. Thanks guys!!

drean (author) 1 year ago

Don't know if you like them ,but i made two adirondack chairs with 2x4's

I was looking at making something in the same style of the picnic table, but thanks.

warrior654 made it!1 year ago

Made this last year,

Think its great! the instructions were clear and precise.

Thinking of making a small bench and maybe some chairs this year, any advice/ help would be great :)

gruiz41 year ago
Thank you for the Plans! Great Table... I made my version of it with two sets of fire pits for those cold nights.
photo 1.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 3.JPG
csheldon11 year ago
Thanks Dean! We made a 10 foot version, added a third support and even made a bench out of the leftover 2x4s. Superb design.

13, 11:01 AM.jpg13, 11:01 AM.jpg13, 11:01 AM.jpg
drean (author)  csheldon11 year ago
wow ,that's long ,thanks for the photo's.
afrazee1 year ago
This is what I came up with. Some of the lengths I adjusted.
drean (author)  afrazee1 year ago
always nice to see pictures ,looks good .
iasi131 year ago
Nice work, but I thinkI I will put in the bank and a backrest
clazman2 years ago
Again, as with your other projects this well thought out.

I would consider using a single 2 X 6 for the seat supports to replace the 2ea 2 X 4's used here. No, on second thought, I like your dual 2X 4's it is more appealing!
Cable692 years ago
how many 2x4s would a guy need to build this picnic table?
drean (author)  Cable692 years ago
the total length is about 48 meters.
lareaud2 years ago
How nice man!
gthomas12 years ago
Awesome table! Do happen to have a parts list for how many boards? I would like to build one this weekend...
drean (author)  gthomas12 years ago
I believe the total length is about 48 meters .
Have fun building it.
shazni3 years ago
does the table sway?
drean (author)  shazni3 years ago
I have the table for almost a year now without any sway.
Maybe after a few years or earlier when you use it a lot there might be some sway.
But tightening the bolts will fix that.
And you could put some screws next to the bolts .
scottydh3 years ago
Simple and wonderful - Inspired me to build my own as an addition to my deck; here it is before stain and finish!

Thank you for sharing!
2011-09-05 18.15.25.jpg2011-09-05 18.16.54.jpg
drean (author)  scottydh3 years ago
No thanks,
Great to see some pics of another one.
Good job .
rhanson2943 years ago
How many board meters are there in this build?
drean (author)  rhanson2943 years ago
What are board meters ?.
I used cls (canadian lumber standard) two by fours (89mmx38mm).
The total lenth is about 46 meters .
dimtick3 years ago
i think the table may be susseptable to some side sway. When I've built tables I've put diagonal from each x frame to the table top. Found a picture on the internet that at least gives the idea. may also help to add a stiffner board under the table top like what you did under each bench.

other than that GREAT JOB!!
Nice Sketchup work
casemill3 years ago
That is the most amazing and detailed plan that I have come across on instructables. I only wish my google sketch up skills were so good. You are amazing.
suspect0073 years ago
Good looking table, but the measurements are hard to make out in the plans. Also a more detailed material list would be better.
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