Pico Gun Shotgun Mode





Introduction: Pico Gun Shotgun Mode

fires good but i have some problems with the hammer

sugestions are welcome

Step 1: Time to Assemble the Parts

the parts
14 grey connectors
5 red connectors
10 orange connectors

1 grey rod
1 red rod
6 blue rods ( for the handle ,its not required )

2 rubber bands or one veeeery big one

i am using green rods for the shotgun effect,but you can do it with really all rods exept the bendable rods

Step 2: Making Primary Parts

1.first put the orange connectors and the blue rods together
2.make the hammer
3. sorry for the picture but its just the 5 red connectors with green rods on a blue rod simple

Step 3: Put It Together !

it should work with just watching if not send me a mail or a comment and i will try to help

Step 4: Adding Rubber Bands

to begin put the rubber bands together as shown with the parts then
strap it through the grey connector and over the orange connector

Step 5: Firing

draw the hammer backwards and make shure the rubber band draws the red connectors to the side , put 5 green rods in the hole shown on the picture now pul the red connectors back from wher they came and of the bullet(s) go



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    I do not know why people complain so much. This is a well made instructable that was easy to understand. While it may be a simple gun, that's the beauty of it. By the way, block trigger guns can be good. Good job.

    Why thank you at least there's 1 person who's honest with me

    that is a old and loww powed

    y even make the pico thingy none the less mod it

    may i drop a H-bomb at your house?

    o and by the way its not because i make ONE block trigger gun that you need to be so rude

    no you may not

    well i made a gun with a block trigger you know the orange connector that keeps the ram in place but i was also new so i didnt know

    are you people just posting things like this to make me post the list? to take up all of my time posting the list?

    hey dsman i need a gun with something on or in it that nobody has right? well how about a double gun?