Picoo Z Hovercraft Mod


Introduction: Picoo Z Hovercraft Mod

Do you have a picoo Z, a little rc helicopter? You probably cant fly with it because it is destabilized due to all the crashes you made. Turn it Into a hovercraft!

The helicopter will be able to float in and outdoor and even on water.

Step 1: Requirements

-Picoo Z (Havoc) helicopter with remote
-Plastic 'throw away' dining plate
-Stick tape

-Pair of scissors
-Permanent marker

Step 2: Making

-search the midpoint of the bord and mark it (pic)
-put the helicopter on the bord so the shaft points at the midpoint (pic)
-now mark where the side wings are located like in the picture
-Draw a patern on the plate like I did (pic)
-Cut out the patern
-Put our little picoo back on the stutting point (pic)
-Tape the side wings and tail on the bord (pic)

Now just start its engine.
It'll levitate about half an inch above the ground!



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    I had a Havoc, It wouldn't fly worth poop though. Ever since it came out of the box all it did was spin in the air, uncontrollably. If I find it, I will definitely do this.

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    same here their not a very good company

    Got a couple of those... Only paid once though :) Hobby People was nice to me. I've gotten them to work, but 2 channel sucks though... Especially the Havocs..

    Thats a 2ch helicopter for you

    Dude, the only place you can find a Picco Z is in the Philipines. I should know, I'm from the Philipines.

    They're the same thing, just marketed from different companies.

    I have that problem occasionally. If trimming doesn't fix it try changing the tail rotor.

    did you use the adjuster button

    You should attach the helicopter at an angle to the plastic plate, so the main rotorblades provide up- and forward thrust. The small back rotor should work in order to turn.

    Thanx, I cant believe I didn't think of that

    I have an exsesivly large, eighty dollar RC heli with a tail rotor that dosen't spin so I'm gonna make a less permanent version

    It's kinda hard to make it go forward

     On my heli the tail motor came out when I was trying to switch the rear propellor

    Picco Z? ROFL! You must be from the Philipines. I got one of those 2 years ago when I came back to the Philipines for the summer. It's pretty nice.

    I have a couple of piccos floating around, this is strangely interesting. Thanks for the instructable :).