Picoo Z Hovercraft Mod





Introduction: Picoo Z Hovercraft Mod

Do you have a picoo Z, a little rc helicopter? You probably cant fly with it because it is destabilized due to all the crashes you made. Turn it Into a hovercraft!

The helicopter will be able to float in and outdoor and even on water.

Step 1: Requirements

-Picoo Z (Havoc) helicopter with remote
-Plastic 'throw away' dining plate
-Stick tape

-Pair of scissors
-Permanent marker

Step 2: Making

-search the midpoint of the bord and mark it (pic)
-put the helicopter on the bord so the shaft points at the midpoint (pic)
-now mark where the side wings are located like in the picture
-Draw a patern on the plate like I did (pic)
-Cut out the patern
-Put our little picoo back on the stutting point (pic)
-Tape the side wings and tail on the bord (pic)

Now just start its engine.
It'll levitate about half an inch above the ground!



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    I had a Havoc, It wouldn't fly worth poop though. Ever since it came out of the box all it did was spin in the air, uncontrollably. If I find it, I will definitely do this.

    same here their not a very good company

    Got a couple of those... Only paid once though :) Hobby People was nice to me. I've gotten them to work, but 2 channel sucks though... Especially the Havocs..

    Thats a 2ch helicopter for you

    Dude, the only place you can find a Picco Z is in the Philipines. I should know, I'm from the Philipines.

    They're the same thing, just marketed from different companies.

    I have that problem occasionally. If trimming doesn't fix it try changing the tail rotor.

    did you use the adjuster button