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I constructed this knife from quarter inch mild steel, (ik its fairly worthless) some sort of tropical wood scales, and quarter in brass rod. I put in a lanyard hole and persuader spike ;)...comments desired... and the burned in touchmark is a modification of my initials. This was not my design. It was a clients request. As an afterthought to this knife 1/4 inch is a little think and dont try to spray paint knives... BC


CHIEFGR8TWOLF (author)2013-10-16

Did you heat temper the blade or just cut and shape it from stock metal?

h8864 (author)2013-01-05

how long is this knife?

Basement_Craftsman (author)h88642013-01-05

It is 9.5 inches on the spine of the blade. FYI a full sized handle is generally from 4-6 inches so that can help you in the future. any other questions -BC

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