Picture of darth maul double sided lightsaber (knex)
Its not brilliant but i have just finished my new double sided lightsaber. It is red and the hilt/shaft is grey.

you will need:

40 red rods
4 grey rods
12 white connectors
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Step 1: Hilt/shaft

Picture of hilt/shaft
to make the hilt/shaft connect the 4 grey rods to the 2 white connectoirs as shown:

Step 2:

Picture of
attach the the 20 red rods togethor with the 5 white connectors. make two of these.

Step 3: Put them together

Picture of put them together

attach the 2 lighsaber blades to the hilt/shaft as shown:

Step 4:

you have now finished your double sided lightsaber. you can use the same idea to make a single bladed lightsaber or you can modify your double to your liking. remember to comment!
knexboy5862 years ago
yld use the sensi's saber and just add aanother blade
wmmason14092510 (author) 4 years ago
i admit its not great but its better a lot of others trying to do the same thing
You see, I didn't know you posted this comment because you didn't click the 'reply' button on my comment. Use the button next time. I second DJ.
DJ Radio4 years ago
This is not the way to go when making lightsabers out of knex. Kariah has the only good knex lightsabers out there right now. End of story.
not to be mean but this is horrid i would fall to parrts with 1 swing
Yeah i thought you could break them apart to get 2 lightsabers
Oh come on. These have been done before.
~KGB~4 years ago
it looks a bit flimsy.