Pillow Cover Sports Theme




Introduction: Pillow Cover Sports Theme

Favorite t-shirts can be made into memorabilia with a little effort and sewing skills.   I started out with a pillow form  I regularly change out.  My form was 13 inch square

Step 1: Pillow Front

My front panel needed to be 14 x 14to cover pilow with one inch seam allowance.  My appliqué and logo were 12x12.  I added a  3x 12  inch strip across the side and ironed the seam.  Than I added a 3x 14 strip across the top and ironed the seams down. 

Step 2: Pillow Back Panel

To make the back panel which would create an envelope I used some linen fabric in a coordinating shade.  This panel needs to be 14x 20.  Each end will be hemmed  with a ¼ inch fold to create  a smooth closure.  The 14x 20 piece will than be cut down the middle and the hem pieces will face each other face down on the first panel.
Sew Rough ends to first square to create one 14x32

Step 3: Making the Envelope

Sew a one inch hem on each end of your light weight lining fabric, 14x33.  Pin fabric rough sided together; use pins to mark top/bottom of first design.  
Lining is optional . 

Fold bottom up and top over, pin.  The top will over lap the inside fold by 4 inches.   Sew each side with double stitches at ends.

Step 4: Complete Basketball Pillow Cover

13x13 sports themed pillow cover.  Thes shirt is made with recycle t-shirts.



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