Pimp Up the Lavatory





Introduction: Pimp Up the Lavatory

This was a simple DIY project to make the lavatory sink look cool.

Step 1: Shelf

I used a nice clear wood to make a simple shelf with an compartment to store lavatory stuff like towels soaps...
the compartment is the most complicated part of the project, because the shelf is just a wood board sanded and with a half circle cut to fit the sink. And the compartment is also very simple since there's no door, it is just a wood cube with no front or back, and the top is made by the shelf.

If you look closely, you will notice a little curve in the left side of the shelf. I did that so the door of the lavatory could open totally without me having to make the whole shelf thinner.

Step 2: Hydraulic Tiles Stickers

Than I used stickers that look like hydraulic tiles to give some colour to the lavatory.

I chose to frame the two round mirrors and the sink all together with the stickers, and I was very pleased with the result.

it was easy to find these stickers here in São Paulo. I think it is easy to get them on line too.



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    Oi Diogo, sou de SP também! Será que teria como me dizer aonde comprou os stickers? Loved the idea altogether!

    Oi Coraline, tudo bem? comprei na praça Benedito Calixto! Lá tem um lugar cheio de pequenas lojinhas (tipo stands), é um lugar que tem uma loja de Gibis em cima. É carinho, mas vale a pena, colei há um ano e estão perfeitos! abs

    Good job! Its very pretty and inviting !

    Muy lindo! buena idea

    Great Improvement! Nice & simple, added function, decent materials, and pop of color too!