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Introduction: Arduino Bike Speedometer/Odometer

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I built an Arduino speedometer and odometer for my bike. For additional information, check out my website:



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    Hi, where did you get your case from?


    Hi Jenna!

    I think would be better use Hall sensor instead reed switch. Hall sensor triggered faster, and results may be more precise.

    Respect for your projects!

    Hi jdeboi,

    I have tried your code and others on Instructables. I do not have a LCD display hooked up. Every time I run the code and watch the MPH in the Serial Monitor, I get a constant string of 47.68 mph until I move away the magnet; then, the MPH goes back to 0. This seems to be a problem that many people are having. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    I didn't see anything obvious in the code. Can you give me more details? What is your exact setup? (using any additional components that might use timers?) What have you changed in the code (if anything)? Can you use Serial.println(reedTimeDelta) inside the printSpeed() function to determine which variable isn't updating? Maybe it's the sensor. Let's try to isolate the problem w/ Serial.println().

    hmm. It's been a while since I've looked at this. Let me investigate.

    Hi Jdeboi

    Thanks for your tube vid, on Arduino Bike Speedometer/Odometer and making the simple to follow instruction and the links.