Picture of pin uv cam with meter
mechanical cannibal shoots invisible uv onto film, bases on a compactified slr .this puppy will tell you how long to stay on that shutter.never need anew battery . it can also turn ice cubes into gold.

a list of stuff
uv filter screwdrivers hacksaw spraypaint (ford miami blue met) vice brush hammer files a pin fine sandpaper flatbed scanner scalpel biro umberella pliers superglue reamer drills contact adhesive sticker maker biscuits box of stuff epoxy a tie dremmel bodyfiller chocolate camera tobacco tins blowtorch pin drinks can coffee forceps grease degreaser enamel paint marker pen and an ice cube gold converter if you can source one.

Step 1: Time lapse teardown

for the basic teardown (first few steps of this instructable) i used time lapse photo, this step is getting the lid off.
G. M.2 years ago
How do you keep track of all those bits? Do you use service manual or what?
crazyg (author)  G. M.2 years ago
Look for hints online when something doesn't want to play, when taking apart place every component in order, also taking pics of weird bits as I go for reassembly reference
kquigley2 years ago
Do you have a Flickr or lomography page so we can see the pics these cameras can take?
crazyg (author)  kquigley2 years ago
test shots are up :-)
crazyg (author)  kquigley2 years ago
wo hoo . people still look at this one! thanks
quite right the sun is now out and therefor this should do something. i will post pics here. then flickr
and then maybe lomo (lomo have a small image file size limit)http://www.lomography.com/homes/crazyglinc
crazyg (author) 2 years ago
glad you got this far! :-) please have a look at my other twisted cameras.