Pine Cones in a Bottle!





Introduction: Pine Cones in a Bottle!

How to make your own cool and almost 100% free "pine cones in a bottle"-set.
It 's kinda useless but a cool thing to have...

Step 1: Stuff You Need...

Stuff you need:

- 3 pine cones
- empty bottle

Step 2: Shrink Them!

Let the pine cones shrink!

you can let a pinecone shrink by putting it under water...

Step 3: Wait...

Wait for the pine cones to shrink

mainwhile you can start building the display...

Step 4: Building the Display

building the display

Stuff you need:

- drill
- some wood
- copper wires
- tape (when you dont have a perfect sized drill)

Step 5: Meassure

Meassure where to drill

put the bottle on the piece of wood and mark the spots where to drill.

SPOT1 => under the lid
SPOT2 => 3cm from the end (pic)

Step 6: DRILL!

DRILL the holes (about 0.5 cm deep and the size of your copper wire(diameter))

Step 7: BEND!

you will need 2 wires with a lenght of +/- 10 cm

Bend like you see on the pics

Step 8: Put Them in Place!

put them in place and trim them so the bottle is horizontal...
(use tape to make the wire fit perfectly)


put the pinecores in the bottle and wait till they dry and become bigger...

Step 10: All Done.

show your friends!

(and comment :) )



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Crykey, why would anyone want to look at pine cones in a plastic bottle? Its rather ugly, don't you think? They don't shrink in water, they only get soft. Sorry, I am very straightforward about things. Now a ship in a bottle would be awesome! Aye matey?


That depends... When you keep the bottle dry the job could be done in half an hour...

I waited 3 HOURS but they wouldn't shrink. I will try another method I still love this instructable

Dude this is awesome! 5 stars fav subscribed

for me its to my school

I agree this would look better in glass. The best option that comes to mind is a "wide mouth 40". Yes the humble ghetto style 40 ounce (not knocking it, I've drank my share). Not sure what parts of the world these are available, but in america many are wide mouth. In particular the malt liquors, st. ides or olde english. The mouth is about the size of the opening of a gatorade bottle. My running joke is "Why are 40's now made with wide mouths?" "Why?" "Because it makes it easier for the cow to piss in the bottle." Malt liquor can taste foul, but for the price it gets you to where you want to be. You can find empties if you scrounge, that way you're still "green".

How long does it take for the pinecone to shrink & how big does the mouth of the bottle need to be?