Introduction: Pipe-lamp

found some left over pipe, a few couplings and a glas vase.

combined a nice lamp. (ill think)

Step 1: Parts Needed

the connection Pipe coupling vase is made by a pvc endcap

some copper wire for decoration

electric wire-plug-switch set and a fitting

Step 2: Safety First.

Beware the pipe is free from sharp things. !

the electric cable can be damaged and a electric shock is dangerous.

the sise of the pipe is yours.

i have a small machine to make the thread on the pipe, but at a good hardware store sell them complete in different sises.

Step 3: Assemble the Pipes and Put the Electic Wire in Place....

use a cable connector(the small white one) where the cable is passing the coupling,

Step 4: Vase - Pvc Connection...

the connection pvc- cap and vase is done with sillicone paste, a special one whats colorles when dry.

just anny type will do ill think.

also use the silicone paste to glue the fitting against the coupling.

look on the picture's how its done and for te correct place.

Step 5: Some Decoration If Desired.

to make a more "industrial"or steampunk look i used some wire ..

pardon my English writings...... and enyoy making one.



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    thanks nice is it!!

    yups, found it..

    just installed a dimmer so the brightnes isnt so hars.

    thx for your idear, perhaps use them in a next one..

    Great looking lamp. You can make bulbs that look like Edison bulbs but they are much more efficient.