Picture of pirate pie

Pirate pie is a savory dinner pastry shaped to look like a pirate ship. This pie recipe can be adapted for a sweet dessert pie, like this apple pie-rate done like a pirate ship which I based my design from. Instead of a sweet pie, I wanted a hearty meat pie, and I thought it was an easy trick to complete the pirate scene and have a gravy sea, and a mashed potato island complete with golden treasure.

Making pirate pie isn't much different than making regular meat pies. A small baking loaf tins is bent to be the boat hull, and parchment paper is used to line the pan and allow easy removal. The small baking loaf tins were in a pack of 5 for $1, and parchment paper was 6 - A1 [8.5"x11"] sheets for $1.99.

This is an easy and fun twist on your classic meat pie recipe.
Ready to walk the plank, ye scurvy land lubber?

Step 1: Bend loaf pan into hull

Picture of bend loaf pan into hull
Pinch the midpoint of one of the shorter edges and bow outwards. This will be the bow (front) of our boat.

Turn the boat over and work the underside of the bow, removing the rounded rectangular profile with a hydrodynamic shape of a privateer schooner.

I found that placing my thumb in the bottom of the hull I could form a uniform curve under each side of the bow.

Refine shape as desired.
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Awesome and good
joseqtb1 year ago
yum, pie-rate
uah uah uah! :-D
cdell11 year ago
Vote for you sorry
cdell11 year ago
You should enter this in the Play with your food contest I would boy for you!
Raphango1 year ago
Awesome yummy!
Gotta get some handkerchief.. =)~~
Very creative! Congrats!
What about the gravy? Surely this doesn't end here!
Made some! No pictures yet, as my first try at these was not photo worthy. But awesome concept and I'll be working on turning an even keel for more seaworthy vesseal

solobo2 years ago
Very cool!
How do you do the thing where the pictures cycle through like that (in step 1)? That's pretty neat.
It is an "Animated GIF", a special GIF image that contains several images, and cycles through them when viewed with suitable software.  

Can anyone recommend some free software for making them please ?
mikeasaurus (author)  ElectroFrank1 year ago
Perfect, thank you!
ah, ok, thanks!
Blueloop2 years ago
We made an entire armada of them for our hungry children
mikeasaurus (author)  Blueloop1 year ago
Those look great, I bet your little pirates enjoyed them!
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This is totally awesome! I would make this for my family, but for some insane reason they don't like pie crust. I believe they may be alien spies.
mikeasaurus (author)  depotdevoid1 year ago
Definitely alien spies.
JennaFair1 year ago
So much win. Thank you for the great tutorial!!
Myrdydd2 years ago
Brilliant! I so want to do this now..
nachopete2 years ago
That look deliciously cool! What is the treasure chest made out of?
capricorn2 years ago
This is so awesome that words fail me.

I will totally make this next year for our pastafarian meeting. Thank you for sharing mate :)
Horef2 years ago
your pie-rite is amazing!
ladylissa2 years ago
This is absolutely brilliant! Thank you for sharing it with us!
Boba Jett2 years ago
Cool!!! deceptively simple yet eligant. Winner !!!!!!
julievojo2 years ago
Awesome idea. My grand kids will love this.
Eddy Radar2 years ago
How FABulous! I wish I still had kids at home!
make a few freeze'm or not

donate to a food pantry, make sure you give'm printed instructions with every ship on how to reheat!
hhmmmmmmm looks tastey
Makes you want to combine Pie Day 3-14 with talk like a pirate day!!!

make a nice fish chowda or fish pot pie to fill it!!!!


Love this pierate ship
bakunin2 years ago
They said I was mad, in culinary school. MAD!!!
ElGaullus2 years ago
My son will love this. Dessert will be those foil wrapped chocolate coins
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
aww cuteee
ChrysN2 years ago
That is so clever, your treasure chest is really cute too.
artfulann2 years ago
Makes me want to make a pie-rite' now!
alright this is great!
M.C. Langer2 years ago
foobear2 years ago
A h-arrrr-ty meal indeed
Mike!!!!! This is so perfect. It's like the Epic Meal Time boat but something I would actually eat. :D

It looks so good!
j0lt2 years ago
This looks amazing. Gotta try it
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