Introduction: Piston Handgun

Picture of Piston Handgun

Quite powerfull handgun.
Fires small green, white or blue rods.


12 half circle yellow.
5 1/4 circle red.
6 green
1 circle white

2 green bars
10 white bars
2 yellow bars
5 blue bars
1 red bar

1 grey clip
3 silver sepperators
1 blue sepperator

Step 1: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

first take the red bar.
add the white circle and the yellow bar to that
Fill in the next 7 yellow half circles.
put one half circle on the red bar through the hole.
add the last 2 half circles.
add the 3 white bars (not that one is not direcly in the yelow half circle it is inbettween 2)
add the seperators.

Step 2: Handle

Picture of Handle

Put together 3 of the triangle shapes. (Green-blue bar- green- white bar- red- white bar.)

clip them together with the 2 blue bars.

Step 3: Together

Picture of Together

Clip the 2 parts together.

the red rod goes on to the midle green clip.

Step 4: Make the Piston

Picture of Make the Piston

Just like bellow

Step 5: Adding the Piston

Picture of Adding the Piston

each end of the rubberband ataches to the white wheel .
but the yellow bar through the yellow half circles.

Step 6: Add the Support

Picture of Add the Support

(sorrry for not having a pic of the support by itself)
add it on like the picture bellow.

Step 7: Fire

Picture of Fire

Pull back the grey clip till you can move up the swinging trigger.
put it in the way so the yellow bar is held out like in the picture.

Load amow into the hole at the end.

pull down the white bar to fire.


anarki121 (author)2008-02-23

is this a block trigger? cus im sick of them

mmzdaniel (author)2007-05-29

nice gun but too simple for me and i have seen lots of these... try something more unique....

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