use square chocolate and sugar cookies to create a pixellated image with your baked goods!

Step 1: Plan Your Image!

use a piece of graph paper to plan out your image--each square on the grid will represent a cookie.

the chocolate cookies will make up the image and the sugar cookies will make the background. count the number of cookies you will need for each and round up to the nearest dozen. for the giant heart, i used 46 chocolate cookies and 58 sugar cookies for the background.

if you need help designing your own image, try looking at cross stitch patterns.
It can be made for our lover.
i am going to make a mario by using food dye!! yeaaaaaa!!!! it will be so ausome (the spell check is glitched up right now so sorry about the spelling!!)
as an alternative to depending on unreliable spell checking programs, may i suggest doing some review exercises to improve the one in your brain? believe me, it's truly helpful when you're nowhere near a computer-and it always feels nice to be the one your friends all ask to spell a word. :)
xD That was a 3 years ago, my spelling has improved&nbsp;dramatically&nbsp;since then. But also&nbsp;consider&nbsp;that I have a medically diagnosed condition which basically makes it hard for me to spell stuff correctly (I tend to spell words how they sound, which does make sense, but it means I spell lots of words wrong, such as 'ausome' instead of awesome).<br> <br> DSMan195276
This would be fun to use to make a pattern on a cake, using a little smaller cookies and a square cake, with some frosting as glue.
That would be cool! My boyfriend's 21st has already passed but I made him a cube shaped cake, and it would have looked even awesomer pixellated! I'll have to find a geeky friend to make a pixel cookie covered cake for. :)
you can just doodle with a sharpie on toasted bread<br />
who wants to join my Join the dark side and get a free cookie group?<br /> https://www.instructables.com/group/jointhedarksideandgetafreecookie/&nbsp;
This is an awsome idea! I would love for it to be in <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/group/sweettreats/">The Sweet Treat group!</a><br/>
Mmmm.....cookies. This would make a great Super Mario tray.
what a great idea for a party! i love it! it's much cheaper than buying a cake with some image on it. frosting would be cool too.

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