Step 5: Roll dough flat

After the dough has rested for about an hour you'll notice that it's increased in volume, my dough was almost twice its size!

Turn dough into a large, flat floured surface and begin stretching and rolling dough into a large thin sheet. For pizza cone dough you're going to want the dough to be really thin, about 3mm [1/8"]. For reference regular pizza dough is usually rolled out to a thickness of around 6mm-8mm [1/4"+ ].
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Nelyan3 years ago
Biology? I always thought yeast feeding on sugar is counted as chemistry?
Stop arguing about nonsense. It's eating time. 8P
travw Nelyan3 years ago
I think you could consider it both. Chemistry because of the reactions necessary for the yeast to feed. Biology because yeast is a living organism, and Biology is the study of living organisms. But I guess you could make an argument that either one is more correct.

Mike: I agree; hot pockets reinvented. Great job.