Step 5: Roll dough flat

Picture of roll dough flat
After the dough has rested for about an hour you'll notice that it's increased in volume, my dough was almost twice its size!

Turn dough into a large, flat floured surface and begin stretching and rolling dough into a large thin sheet. For pizza cone dough you're going to want the dough to be really thin, about 3mm [1/8"]. For reference regular pizza dough is usually rolled out to a thickness of around 6mm-8mm [1/4"+ ].
Nelyan3 years ago
Biology? I always thought yeast feeding on sugar is counted as chemistry?
Stop arguing about nonsense. It's eating time. 8P
travw Nelyan3 years ago
I think you could consider it both. Chemistry because of the reactions necessary for the yeast to feed. Biology because yeast is a living organism, and Biology is the study of living organisms. But I guess you could make an argument that either one is more correct.

Mike: I agree; hot pockets reinvented. Great job.