Hi this is Kgb giving you an instructable for my latest creation the p.k.c.b v1 (powerful knex cross bow version one)it has a new barrel idea that has very little friction! and it shoots about 130 feet! parts list:
blue hinge:1
black hinge:2
small grey wheel:2
scotch tape roll:1
64 rubber band: 2
black y: 2

Step 1: The Barrel.

This step shows how to make the barrel.

Step 2: The Bow

this step shows you how to make the bow.

Step 3: The Trigger.

this step shows how to put the trigger together.

Step 4: Attaching the Barrel to the Bow.

this step shows how to put the bow and barrel together.

Step 5: Rubber Bands

this step shows you what rubberbands you need.

Step 6: Attaching Rubber Bands to the Bow.

this step shows how to attach the rubber bands to the bow.

Step 7: How to Make the Ammo.

this step shows how to make the ammo.

Step 8: Loading and Cocking

This step shows how to load and cock your new crossbow.

Step 9: Warning!

the barrel splits when you put more than one rubber band on.
what do the note in the picture in the intro say? i can't read them cause its impossible to read notes-inside-of-notes...
it's possible in google chorme =D
Resolved issue, please don't necro. That was over two years ago.
It said old ammo. thankyou for pointing it out I`ll fix it.
ok, thanks!
your welcome! p.s do you like the crossbow?
i do. but there are a couple of flaws in its design: specifically, that there's no raised track for the bullet to run along, and no visible trigger system.
yes there is a visible trigger its the piece at the back!
I didn't know that Kgb used knex....
Nice one, 4*. Sorry for what I said in the forum.
thank you! p.s I forgive you
yw. Ps, thanx
your welcome! when is the sniper bow getting posted?
idk saturday at the earliest.

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