this is a project to make a Z,C and A axle cnc head.
it adds the C and A axles to the cutting head. if you make one please post images.
<p>This is an excellent design, and so do-able. So I see two years have past sence you posted this, have you made any progress with it? In time I might just take the project on myself.</p>
<p>actually, I had forgotten about this and meanwhile I have given up on making a cnc and if I actually do something, it would be a 3d printer.</p>
That is too bad. It's a nice design.
Some constructive criticism: wouldn't worm gearing be more robust in this application where one must hold a particular position in relation to the work piece?
it depends on the weight of the cutting tool and material you want to carve.
Any progress?
my parents dont allow me to build it, so I've published it to other peoples can build it

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