Did you notice how terrariums looked great on a coffee table or an office desk?
I believed there was a secret choice of soil and plants in order to make such a cool type of interior decoration.......the fact is:


you just have to respect a few steps many other instructables talked about, but I wanted to be more global in my explanations...

please note, I'm not talking about insects, batracians or rare plants terrariums, just cool little pieces of art everybody can make.

Perfect for kids at home or at school, SUCCESS GUARANTEED!!!!!

please check this page for a good example of what you can do (the autor has a lot of talent)

Step 1: Get a Cool Container

a standard mason jar is good, but the choice of a nice container will make the difference between a terrarium you like an d a terrarium you love so much because people are ready to pay 50 bucks for it...,

this is a cheese serving set I bought for 6 euros. the glass dome makes it elegant and is very efficient, creating a kind of greenhouse and keeping the whole stuff moist.

bottles work great, but the neck makes it harder to work (think about bottled boats...), but if you can put draining material and substrate inside, the plants will grow anyway, and you will only have to clean the walls after a few weeks or month....
Could I use marbles for the draining layer?
definitely a good idea!
thank you for this informative start. i would like to begin one of my own. i live in a dry ecosystem and would like to reflect this in my first terrarium. do you have any advice for cactus terrariums?
haha!!<br>Iḿ not a specialist....I would say, be tidy on the first layers (enough nutrients in the soil, but not too much....maybe get some special cactus substrate from a shop...)<br><br>and have fun with the layers, get a uniform sand or red earth, choose you rocks and ......try anyway!!!<br><br>have fun, everybody likes terrariums, I give some to peolpe I know all year long!!!
Copyright infringement...this is my photo and I would appreciate at least recognition of it or to be asked to use it.<br><br>Owner of<br>Teresa's Plants &amp; More Store<br>www.teresasplants.com<br><br>This is a display of my mood moss that I sell along with many other types of moss for your terrariums and yard.<br>
wow, I did it again....<em><strong>sorry</strong></em>...I never thought about copyrights....<br> <br> picture removed....<br> <br> I am have to admit this was an error....publishing on the web is quite new for me....and <strong>I didn't realise copyrights were everywhere</strong>...<br> <br> <br> This instructable was a lesson for me....believe me.<br> <br> .... and I liked you website!! have a nice day!!!
I understand...there is a lot to learn working on the website...I do allow my photos to be used so long as they link back to my website and I am am credited with them :-)<br><br>I so appreciate your kind words and promptness in this matter. Have a great week!<br>Teresa<br>:-)
WOW! What kind of pitcher plant is that, and how old is it? That is an amazingly healthy looking plant! Do you water that one with only distilled water?
please read....I didn't make the two terrariums on the first step....I got them from the internet....
You don't know how much I adore these kinds of things.
I've sown some starfish flower seeds and ended up with about eighty little seedlings up and growing. This was done in a ziplock plastic bag, in an ordinary seed sowing punnet. What am I going to do with that many seedlings of this little plant? Well it looks like you've given me the answer right here. I going to have fun making these all up for gifts or garage sales. Well done.
Love the ible.<br><br>Can someone comment on what that first plant might be - very interesting - I can think of another unique way to use this.
Exellent. I love the way you take the scary out of this....... great job.
This is great! So simple! In my climate at least, &quot;hens &amp; chickens&quot; spread like wildfire, so I might consider avoiding them in the future. I am SOOOO looking forward to the cork 'ible! I'm also now wondering where I could get/find moss around here. Harvesting from nature sure won't be possible for several more months... harsh winters.<br><br>Love this! Thanks for sharing

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