Plasmaspy's K Nex Sniper Rifle





Introduction: Plasmaspy's K Nex Sniper Rifle

This is my k nex sniper it has around the same amount of power as gorkems sniper. the stock and handle is from mepains great sniper but modded a bit. it is a one shot muzzle load with a rod to make the bullet click in the barrel to stop it moving like killerk's gun. it holds 6 bullets in the clip underneath and the ram is pulled back by string(or shoelace).

Step 1: Butt


Step 2: Stock


Step 3: Back of Gun and Handle

back of gun and handle

Step 4: Body of Gun

body of gun

Step 5: Ammo Clip

ammo clip

Step 6: Front of Gun and Barrel

front of gun and barrel



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    Awesome Design and overall good GUN :D

    This is my type of gun. Awesome design.

    does it shoot with such a long barrel???? when i put a barrel like that on there is to much friction..... other than that its sweet

    3 replies

    try petroleum jelly, it reduces the friction

    yeah it does because the the ammo i actually held inside it so it doesnt have that far to travel to get out.

    The barrel looks flimsy, i think you could improve it. Also, it looks really heavy duty

    3 replies

    Wow, contradiction.

    Wow, I just noticed that :V

    the barrels fine lol unless your going to be smashing people over the head with it xD

    amount of yellow connectors?

    try actually taking the complicated parts apart before you make an instructable 2/5

    so is it single shot or mag fed
    also i gave u five stars cause the gun looks sick!
    i dont know why i think it is so nice looking tho
    i think its because of the front gray connector barrel

    6 replies

    WTF, why did you give this 5 stars? You do realise this is a knock-off rubbish version of Mepain's Loser Rifle (AKA Mepain's Sniper).

    This Instructable is one big dollop of plagerism.

     was this posted before mepains rifle? also, when i made that comment, i had never heard of mepain. i had just started knex

    Mepain's was posted in 2006. And his looks better. And it's more powerful. And it's better.

     amen lowney, that barrel will cuase so much friction the bullet wont even come out of the barrel , aside from that everything lowney said... but 2 stars for trying to get away with it

    Lol for sheer courage XD

    Great work, way to go! I wonder why this is relatively unknown in the knex world. I rate it a 5.