Plasmaspy's K Nex Sniper Rifle





Introduction: Plasmaspy's K Nex Sniper Rifle

This is my k nex sniper it has around the same amount of power as gorkems sniper. the stock and handle is from mepains great sniper but modded a bit. it is a one shot muzzle load with a rod to make the bullet click in the barrel to stop it moving like killerk's gun. it holds 6 bullets in the clip underneath and the ram is pulled back by string(or shoelace).

Step 1: Butt


Step 2: Stock


Step 3: Back of Gun and Handle

back of gun and handle

Step 4: Body of Gun

body of gun

Step 5: Ammo Clip

ammo clip

Step 6: Front of Gun and Barrel

front of gun and barrel



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    Awesome Design and overall good GUN :D

    This is my type of gun. Awesome design.

    does it shoot with such a long barrel???? when i put a barrel like that on there is to much friction..... other than that its sweet

    try petroleum jelly, it reduces the friction

    yeah it does because the the ammo i actually held inside it so it doesnt have that far to travel to get out.

    The barrel looks flimsy, i think you could improve it. Also, it looks really heavy duty

    Wow, contradiction.

    Wow, I just noticed that :V

    the barrels fine lol unless your going to be smashing people over the head with it xD