Make a 3d crab out of an old bottle

Step 1: Materials

1 plastic bottle (one crab per bottle)
1 pair of scissors or whatever cutting instrument you are comfy with


enamel paint or other pigment that will stick on the plastic
<p>That is so cool!</p>
Nice, but I like the soda can one better.
me too.. this only looks great once painted. unfortunately i gave away the painted one long ago before taking any pics :( , havnt had the time to do it again.&nbsp;
also this one is more child friendly :) &nbsp;(no razor sharp edges)
Yeah lol.
this is realy cool no where i could get some paint to paint it??
i've used regular enamel paint... the glossy kind used to paint on wooden doors n stuff you can also use a spraycan for a good finish
oh, ok thanx
It would be awesome to see an uncut bottle with all the cut marks drawn on it with a permanent marker. This instructable would be much easier to figure out if you did. That being said, the end product looks great!
yes i think i'l put some diagrams too.
Please do, i wanna try this
have added diagrams...couldn't figure out how to shoot the lines on the bottle, without making it look too complicated :)
Hey, those diagrams are great. I'm increasing my rating a bunch!
Cheers Ill get started
That is REALLY good! Keep going with him and add more angles/folds to create even more of a 3D effect. Those claws would look even more impressive, with two more folds down the middle of them so you could give them a real curvature.
thanks for the tips, will work on it :)
Don't get me wrong , he is AWESOME!! Prior to you posting this I had an Octopus, all ready to go. I should post that I'ble and we could have a little under water party.
i almost turned i into a jelly fish, with thinner strips.. octopus sounds good...put it up quickly :) and if you can get your hands on a bunch of bottlecaps or toothpaste tube caps, you could use them as suckers for the tentacles :)
ya think i'll do that.. seems too flat right now..

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