Introduction: Plastic Bottle Crab

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Make a 3d crab out of an old bottle

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

1 plastic bottle (one crab per bottle)
1 pair of scissors or whatever cutting instrument you are comfy with


enamel paint or other pigment that will stick on the plastic

Step 2: Cutting the Eye Stalks

Picture of Cutting the Eye Stalks

cut off the top of the bottle.
cut a inch and half strip and fold it up..the eye stalks will be cut out of this

Step 3: Cutting Out the Claws and Legs

Picture of Cutting Out the Claws and Legs

cut two stips on either side of the first flap.. give them spoon shaped ends(refer to the image) we'll fashion a pair of claws from these

cut as many more flaps as you like for the legs...i prefer six legs, but some like 8...whatever is biologically accurate i guess

Step 4: Eyes, Claws and Legs

Picture of Eyes, Claws and Legs

cutout the eye could stick marbles or buttons on the stalks for eyes i guess

fold the claw-arms so they become more rigid...split the spoon and mke folds like in the image ..this gives you the claws..
the legs are pretty simple..fold fold fold :)

and thats about it.. you can decorate yours with paint and whatever else you like :)

dangle this crab under a light or in a window...

Step 5: Paint It Up White

Picture of Paint It Up White

i used acrylic paints, but you could use enamel paint or spray cans too.

1) paint a base coat of white as the primer.. priming the surface ensures that your colours will turn out bright. a common mistake is that people spray on the colours they want.. and then it doesnt quite turn out as bright as they thought it would.

Step 6: Paint Your Colours

Picture of Paint Your Colours

once the base paint is dry, go ahead and paint on your colours.
i've hand painted it, so it looks a bit shabby .. for a finer finish i would have used spray cans or an airbrush

Step 7: Stuff Created by Kids

Picture of Stuff Created by Kids

I occasionally do workshops with kids at schools or children's homes, here are some of their creations. sometimes i come up with new stuff like the scorpions you see in these pics


KidsCrafts3Sis (author)2016-07-12

That is so cool!

chopstx (author)2010-01-06

Nice, but I like the soda can one better.

chaitanyak (author)chopstx2010-01-06

me too.. this only looks great once painted. unfortunately i gave away the painted one long ago before taking any pics :( , havnt had the time to do it again. 

chaitanyak (author)chaitanyak2010-01-06

also this one is more child friendly :)  (no razor sharp edges)

chopstx (author)chaitanyak2010-01-07

Yeah lol.

mt.+ (author)2009-05-25

this is realy cool no where i could get some paint to paint it??

chaitanyak (author)mt.+2009-05-27

i've used regular enamel paint... the glossy kind used to paint on wooden doors n stuff you can also use a spraycan for a good finish

mt.+ (author)chaitanyak2009-05-27

oh, ok thanx

nagutron (author)2009-01-23

It would be awesome to see an uncut bottle with all the cut marks drawn on it with a permanent marker. This instructable would be much easier to figure out if you did. That being said, the end product looks great!

chaitanyak (author)nagutron2009-01-23

yes i think i'l put some diagrams too.

Lance Mt. (author)chaitanyak2009-01-25

Please do, i wanna try this

chaitanyak (author)Lance Mt.2009-01-25

have added diagrams...couldn't figure out how to shoot the lines on the bottle, without making it look too complicated :)

nagutron (author)chaitanyak2009-01-25

Hey, those diagrams are great. I'm increasing my rating a bunch!

Lance Mt. (author)chaitanyak2009-01-25

Cheers Ill get started

Lftndbt (author)2009-01-23

That is REALLY good! Keep going with him and add more angles/folds to create even more of a 3D effect. Those claws would look even more impressive, with two more folds down the middle of them so you could give them a real curvature.

chaitanyak (author)Lftndbt2009-01-23

thanks for the tips, will work on it :)

Lftndbt (author)chaitanyak2009-01-24

Don't get me wrong , he is AWESOME!! Prior to you posting this I had an Octopus, all ready to go. I should post that I'ble and we could have a little under water party.

chaitanyak (author)Lftndbt2009-01-24

i almost turned i into a jelly fish, with thinner strips.. octopus sounds good...put it up quickly :) and if you can get your hands on a bunch of bottlecaps or toothpaste tube caps, you could use them as suckers for the tentacles :)

chaitanyak (author)Lftndbt2009-01-23

ya think i'll do that.. seems too flat right now..

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