Plastic Bottle Pole





Introduction: Plastic Bottle Pole

a lightweight pole built entirely from plastic bottles

this pole is usefull for many outdoor needs - like attaching flashlights to it or hanging stuff above the ground

it is not too strong though

the construction can be used as duct for rain water

Step 1: Materials

lots of identical plastic bottles


Step 2: Cut

cut the bases off the bottles

Step 3: Stack

stack 'em together!

Step 4: Max Height

the pole can hold some weight up to 1 M

is stable by itself up to 2 M

stands somehow up to 4 M

Step 5: Duct

to use as duct for rain water take off all caps and flip the pole



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Wow. I can barely see these photos, so I'm not sure what this really is. Is it just a pole? Please replace the photos with clearer shots.

Would you please replace the picture with a better one, I would like to see this.

I agree. I think I see Bigfoot in the background.

those images are sufficient to show how to build it i dont have the time to fix them. if you can understand what appears in them then atleast for now i'll consider that they do their task well enough to leave as is sorry

You did a good job, this is very "green." You deserve a better camera.

thanks ! the bad shots are result of condensation on the cam from inside i took apart and dried it and now its ok