Plastic box jerky/biltong maker and dehydrator.

Step 8: Thoughts for a better jerky/biltong box.............

Picture of thoughts for a better jerky/biltong box.............
I didn't try it with meat yet, but apples were perfectly dry in about 3 days so the 60W bulb seems enough for this 30x30x25 box....I 'll try a 100w one next time.

fan drives the air through the food and exit at the other side, BUT, I am seriously thinking about cutting another air screen on the lid.

search the internet and get LOTS of recipes for jerky, biltong, dried vegetables and fruits....(dried tomatoes flavoured with garlic and herbs.......mmhhhhhh)

hope this instructable was interesting.........

greetings from france!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zippetydooda11 months ago

Nicely done! I am thinking of something similar and would like to try using a plastic cooler and set it on end so I would have a hinged door. But I am trying to find a used one as I don't want to pay for a new one. And, it has to be nice and square to set on the end straight so I'm picky. May just use a cardboard box for now. Anyway, you had some good techniques and I got some ideas. Thanks.

louis perichon (author)  zippetydooda11 months ago

cardboard boxes work perfectly, just consider using a tall one, use a 60 to 90 watts bulb at the bottom, it's heat will make air move from bottom to top and that's all you need to dry vegetables and meat!!!!!


louis perichon (author) 2 years ago
well.....fan blows air inside the box....it picks the moisture from the food, and takes it out through the filters.....but I have to admit it works better with the lid a little open.

so it blows air over food and out the filters........

fan is optional....it helps to switch it on a few minutes a day to dry the food a little quicker...."real" biltong boxes only use a bulb in the bottom of the box, and the moisture goes up and exits by the top.....the IDEAL dehydrator would blow HOT AIR.....around 60 celcius.....

do not WORRY ABOUT DETAILS? IT WORKS PERFECTLY WITH JUST A LIGHTBULB......fan is just a little help......

hope this answer was usefull for you.......cheers from limousin!!!!
lowky2 years ago
not sure from instructions does fan blow into or out of the box. That is are you drawing air through the filters over the food, or blow air over food and out the filters?