Step 4: Program GlovePIE

okay the coolest part of this is that it dosen't use PPjoy. anyway you need to open up glovePIE and copy and paste the code from below into glovePIE
you move with the nunchuk's joystick
A jumps
B shoots
C tags
Z special
toggle up +
toggle down -
start Home
// this is some FX for the wiimote.it makes the LEDs do the wave//
/* I put it in an IF statement so it can run in the background
and no slow the reaction time */
if wiimote.Exists
wiimote.led1 = true
wait 100ms
wiimote.led2 = true
wiimote.led1 = false
wait 100ms
wiimote.led3 = true
wiimote.led2 = false
wait 100ms
wiimote.led4 = true
wiimote.led3 = false
wait 100ms
wiimote.led3 = true
wiimote.led4 = false
wait 100ms
wiimote.led2 = true
wiimote.led3 = false
wait 100ms
wiimote.Led1 = true
wiimote.led2 = false
wait 100ms
// Okay here's the controls //
key.a = wiimote.A
key.b = wiimote.B
key.c = wiimote.Nunchuk.ZButton
key.d = wiimote.nunchuk.CButton
key.numpad6 = round(wiimote.nunchuk.joyx) > 0
key.numpad4 = round(wiimote.nunchuk.joyX) < 0
key.numpad8 = Round(wiimote.nunchuk.joyY) < 0
key.numpad2 = round(wiimote.nunchuk.joyY) > 0
key.i = wiimote.Plus
key.j = wiimote.Minus
key.k = wiimote.Home

cant seem to connect mine! help, please<br>
why didnt you use motion controls lol ?
I cant see the bluetooth adapter??<br /> <br />
Wow, how big is that screen?
Try playing Crysis with that wimpy thing!
Heh, just kidding, Wii is awsome.
Link for glovepie says 404
its <a rel="nofollow" href="http://carl.kenner.googlepages.com/glovepie_download">http://carl.kenner.googlepages.com/glovepie_download</a><br/>

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