Introduction: Play Mp3 With Your Arduino (easy)

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You can play mp3 files with your arduino!

you only need a ethernet shield and a micro sd card!

Step 1: Materials

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you only need these things:

-micro sd

-shield with sd card slot


-arduino(i used a uno)

-some wire's

Step 2: How?

Watch this video for the instructions on how to connect everything.

Step 3: Code

here you can find the code. dont forget to instal the library.

Step 4: Subsribe to TechMaker?

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DIY-Guy (author)2015-11-18

This looks great!
Unfortunately for me, when I press "Download PDF file" I cannot see the video.
Keep up the good ideas!

acheide (author)2015-11-17

Nice idea. Could you post schematic and assembly instructions? Thanks.

wout.vandenreeck (author)acheide2015-11-18

Hello acheide, in the video: you can watch how you need to connect evertything. It's very simple, your singal is on pin 9 and your connection of the sd card is he basic conection. code can be found at Thanks for your comment!

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