Pneumatic Sniper Rifle





Introduction: Pneumatic Sniper Rifle

This is a a great begginer project for someone who wants to build a pneumatic potato gun. pricing is reasonable, being around $50- $60. took me only an hour to build. The only thing that i would change is the handle, it shold be bigger to hold more air. I havnt found the range yet because I am not sure how much pressure it will take. I dont want pieces of pvc stuck in myself!

read final page for legal.

ps. sorry about photos, my camera is broken so I have to use a phone.

Step 1: Parts


-3 of 25mm 90degree elbow
-15mm pipe
-2 of 25MM vavle socket
-25mm h/style/w/o valve solenoid
-20 by15mm reducing co
-tape (optional, added for strength)
-clear tube ( will jam into trigger without leaks
-air trigger
-schrader valve (car tyre valve)
- a bit of brass (u will need to thread this and drill through the middle) see pictures.
-pvc glue

Step 2: Construction

MEASURE! then cut
Glue the parts together, prime if u think necessary
making sure everything is straight becuase pvc glue dries extremely fast!
Dont forget to put in the schrader valve as well.
Now tape up the tubes, i used a roll of electrical tape.

Step 3: A Closer Look

The sprinkler valve was taken apart
-a hole was drilled in the top, on an angle
-the hole was threaded

The piece of brass was cut down
- a hole was drilled through the middle
- one end was tappered using a file
- the other end was threaded using a TAP AND DIE SET
- the brass was then screwed into the valve with plumbers tape to stop leaks.

Step 4: Wait

You may be excited to see if ur toy works. but please wait the full 24 hours for the glue to set.

. i think u understand the waiting part

Now u can test out ur toy. slowly pressurize. Im not too sure how much these pipes will hold. I have only tried mine upto 50psi but I am sure it would go further. dont over-do it though. pvc shatters and sends bits flying everywhere.

fire what u like, potato, marshmallows, or um... stell balls. just remember though, this is now considered a weapon and is illegal to own or use. I will not be held responsible for any damage, injury or death. if u make this project, it is your own responsibility.

so what will u do now, why not modify it? change the barrel, chamber, trigger, change it to fire water balloons... the list goes on. see what u can come up with.



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what about modified co2 cartridges??????

that would be sweet, u could use a co2 inflater, which r used 2 fully pressurise tyres in seconds, wich would be epic

it would be awesome. but i recommend using steel as a material instead for co2 cartridges, depending on the size. they hold appox. 900 psi in those little tanks.

you get   a check valve with a pressure valve and 125 psi regulator and your set to use it with pvc.

do you have the smaller end of the blowgun capped so the air isnt lost? i need to know because i am building one of these for a physics project.

A good way to make a air tank is with a coupler, much bigger PVC, a cap that fits the PVC and super glue to hold it all together.

do you need the brass piece cos i don't understand. i've never made anything like this before

some modifications i did to mine: quick disconnect with CO2 tank with a regulator set at 80psi. the trigger was tapped directly into the top and the sprinkler valve was turned 180 degrees from this one. a better stock (more volume of air) I used 1", perfect for bouncy balls. also I have a blow off on the gun itsself on the air chamber incase of any kind of CO2 bursts into the chamber (150psi) but the trigger or sprinkler valve would fail before this PSI is reached. as soon as its repaired (from a valve fail at 120 PSI, trigger blew out) I may have a picture of it up.