a pneumatic sniper rifle.
surprissingly accurate.

Step 1: Materials

in this project i used;

1 coke bottle
2 valve from nerf gun
3 bike tire valve
4 curtain rod
5 tape
6 spray paint (optional)

Step 2: Chamber and Cap

drill a hole in the cap just big enough for a snug fit for the bike valve.

drill a hole in the back of the bottle and fit the tube from the valve to the hole

Step 3: Barrel Ammo

i used a peice of curtain rod with duct tape for a barrel.
but u can use anything that will fit
put the other end of the valve into the barrel and snap it in place

try and make some darts that fit. i make some out of peices of entenne and sock

Step 4: Loa and Fire

load your dart through the back and pump it up and fire.

dont shoot people, this could realy hurt someone

have fun

Step 5: Paint (optional)

you can spray paint it if you want.
i did and it seemed to reduce leekage somehow

paint stuf
<p>I made this stupid thing and I have to say its not something you can whip up on the go. it takes a lot of work and isn't all too powerful. so sorry mc-guiver but this is a fail.</p>
U suck I spent an hour trying to build this piece of junk with my dad nice going smart one
jeeez mc guiver
Is there any substitute for a nerf valve?
ive been looking at a hose attachment for a while. Any ideas? I am forced to scrounge for parts around my house
OOOOHH!Hose attachment?<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/home-made-nerf-gun-for-under-5-bucks/">Look here</a><br/>
you should make another one and take different pics for eyery step. so one can see how to do it without trying to understand the text.
where is the vavle and witch nerf gun is it
cool but ugly.....srry
I'll hve to agree wth u wth that
How is this a sniper... Its a great gun, but bad sniper..
How're you suppose to shoot it?
I think you should put a little more instruction because I don't get how to pump it or how to put it together
dude you get a bike pump and hook it to the bike valve then you start pumping. uhhh durr!
makes a lot of sense to me dont know wut ur havin trouble with
you use a bike pump
Awesome except for the instructions. Instead of an air valve for a bike i used an old dart gun pump.
you should use a PVC chamber like the one i made search for 'air chamber' and look for mine, it is safer and can support more power and higher pressure.
ditto on modio's comment i would really like a new instructable on this so i can do a better job of making it.
ok, ima take it apart and take pix soon. keep checking
sorry 100ft max
could of done with some build pictures, but i like the idea.
sorry about that, I made the instructable after i made the gun.

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