Pocket BB/pellet Gun Reloading Station





Introduction: Pocket BB/pellet Gun Reloading Station

A pocket sized ammo locker that holds pellets BBS and clips.



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    I have a 760 pumpmaster and those look like the clips for it.

    Love this instructable it's so helpful

    15, 9:38 PM.jpg

    Thank you for your creative instructable. Carrying ammo is hard. We all need this.

    I like this. Whenever I go hunting with my pellet rifle i either end up shoving a handful of ammo in my pocket, or having to lug the can around and wrestle with it every time I reload. Those pellet cans are seriously annoying to open. My only suggested improvement would be to line the tin with something like felt to prevent the ammo from audibly rattling. It is annoying and can scare game if you are hunting.