Pocket Crossbow





Introduction: Pocket Crossbow

This is,as said, a crossbow small enough to fit in most pockets.
for cocktail sticks when made correctly, i avaraged the height of a house fired upward and
horizontal firing i'd say the length of an avarage garden

Use anything for ammo you wish, cocktail sticks were what was available at the time i made this

above all. have fun. just dont poke out any eyes

Step 1: Deciding

first, i need to say, i am not responsible for what you do with the finished product. However i havent even tested it on humans, so if you do, and it causes harm, use it responsibly.

Okay first things>

1.Decide body width and thickness. i was 1 inch wide, and around 3/4 inch thick.
2. decide on finish: i went for duct tape, as it was available.

gather the following.

cardboard or a piece of wood for the body
Paperclips> preferably the bigger ones.
2 elastic bands, or 1 bigger one
pliers, try to have thin tipped pliers, to make it easier to bend the tips or the paperclips
duct tape
a few( i mean loads, they tend to go blunt, or go lost) cocktail sticks or small kebab sticks

Step 2: Building the Bow

1st, cut out as many bits of cardboard (same length/width) laying them on top of each other until you get the thickness you want.
Same if you are using a block of wood, you just cut to size.

2nd. straighten the paperclip, and tape it to one of the tips of the body, tape it tight!! i mean the edge of the body, not on top!! important!!

3rd.take the elastic bands, quite small ones are best, and loop one through the other, take the pliers and bend the tips of the clip outward, place one elastic band and squeeze it shut, do this at the other end,and thats that.

4rth. tape a small bit around the knot of the bands, this helps it push the ammo. then cut another piece of cardboard, and make it square, then tape it onto the body, but underneath it. this makes it easier to hold, and also counts for a place to keep ammo.

5th pull back the elastic band at the place you taped it, the paperclip should bend inwards, thats it shaped, next on with the ammo

Step 3: Ammo

cut three slivers of tape, about 1.5 cm in length, and 0.5 cm in breadth, and make the cocktail stick more aerodynamic, by triangulating the slivers, this is hard to descibe, but if you know how to make real sized arrows you know what im talking about.

thats you, just rest the ammo on the body pull back the band and let go, aiming takes a bit of learnng.

try and experiment on where abouts on the body the ammo goes, at the end, far back, in the middle, who knows try it. and be sure to comment on any adjustments you make, so together we can make the ultimate pocket crossbow. of course if its the kebab sticks ure using, then ull have to place it one way only

some tips for u

try making the body from wood, or metal, if metal you could weld the paperclip to the egde.

try using other materials for the paperclip, a kebab stick probably would work, considering the success of the kebab stick bow.

and thats that folks.



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    i made mine out of 1" square timber with no. 8 wire instead of a paperclip. mine also has a simple trigger


    THANK YOU for the love of f****** god, I can never find a good pic of the trigger. BTW, is  the trigger part made of paperclip? Because i think it would bend too much.

     no it is made of fencing wire

    ehhh; effort was ok but looks like a rush job and something like a disposable weapon.

    ill try and see what i can do about a video. and although lots of folks have strayed from the word "pocket" anything that shoots is fine by me. So to all those who have displayed their own makes> Brilliant!

    hey this is the mini crossbow i made today. its hella strong. check it out mabe it can help.

    crossbow v.1 folded.jpgcrossbow v.1 expanded pointed away.jpgcrossbow v.1 expanded.jpg

    How did you make that?Please tell me.

    post a video of this working. I'm sure we all want to see how powerful it is.