Pocket Dictionairy Catapult





Introduction: Pocket Dictionairy Catapult

shoots thumb tacks bottle caps erasers and plenty of other things.Fun when your bored.

Step 1: Step 1

1.gather your suplies

a.small pocket dictaionary
b.2 thumb tacks
c.1 mauly clip
d.1 rubber band (preferably thick)

Step 2: Putting It Together

stick the 2 thumb tacks parralel from each other into the the top of the dictionary attach the mauly clip and and add the rubber band and your done.

Step 3: Firing

pull the rubber band back and open the mauly clip to secure the rubber band the release the mauly clip to fire whatever you want.



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it would probably hurt to no end if you shot a coin like a quarter or something.

If you could get a coin to stay in there. :P

How about this. You make it inside the book. And i dont mean like crummly little foldout, i mean you cut the insides out.

| The book |

+ | <---- Hollowed out section

+ 8 <><> 8 | 8 = Your pins
+=============================| <><> =The clip

That's not a catapult

are you doing this in the bathroom thats gros even for a boy who cares

well that was the best place to take the picture

could u use a phonebook