Picture of pocket dictionairy catapult
shoots thumb tacks bottle caps erasers and plenty of other things.Fun when your bored.
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Step 1: Step 1

1.gather your suplies

a.small pocket dictaionary
b.2 thumb tacks
c.1 mauly clip
d.1 rubber band (preferably thick)

Step 2: Putting it together

stick the 2 thumb tacks parralel from each other into the the top of the dictionary attach the mauly clip and and add the rubber band and your done.

Step 3: Firing

pull the rubber band back and open the mauly clip to secure the rubber band the release the mauly clip to fire whatever you want.
it would probably hurt to no end if you shot a coin like a quarter or something.
If you could get a coin to stay in there. :P
asli insan4 years ago
where are the images??
GianniMora5 years ago
Lance Mt.6 years ago
How about this. You make it inside the book. And i dont mean like crummly little foldout, i mean you cut the insides out.

| The book |

+ | <---- Hollowed out section

+ 8 <><> 8 | 8 = Your pins
+=============================| <><> =The clip

prosper586 years ago
That's not a catapult
random . . . Dwight . . . hehe
Huntman007 years ago
are you doing this in the bathroom thats gros even for a boy who cares
bored boy (author)  Huntman007 years ago
well that was the best place to take the picture
could u use a phonebook
Huntman007 years ago
could you use a phonebook?
knex boy8 years ago
more like a crossbow.... not really a catapult
when i pull the rubberband back, the dictionary bends.
a hard cover book would work
i am gonna get a pocket dictionary now.
gotta try
yoyoyo8 years ago
isnt it a "binder clip" not "mauly" clip?
pooboy yoyoyo8 years ago
no iats called a maully clip
PetervG8 years ago
Nice. Maybe i'll try this with a block of wood with nails.
bored boy (author) 8 years ago
There would be a video but my camera broke