Picture of pocket drafting kit
Have you always got a little notebook in your back pocket, like I do?  

Do you wish you had a miniature drafting kit to go with it?  

Of course you do!  Who wouldn't!?  Well, here it is!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials

xacto knife
cnc cutter and make the cut software
thin cardboard - such as from the side of a kleenex box
thin flat flexible transparent plastic - "wrap rage" packaging works well
craft foam
some type of adhesive:  e.g. spray adhesive, brush on superglue

mtc file attached

note: make sure your cnc machine will work with Make the Cut. As of this writing, Cricut no longer works with it,but there are other machines that do:  (Black Cat Cougar, Boss Kut Gazelle, US Cutter MH/Laser Series)


Really cool!

blue-ice1 year ago

This is such a cute idea! I don't carry around a little notebook everywhere, but if I do, I will follow your Instructable! Nice job :)

foobear (author)  blue-ice1 year ago

thank you!!

Sabata1 year ago

Neat. I could see this coming in handy because after all these years it is surprising how often I dig out my old drafting tools in order to do a little project planning.

Now if you really want to impress us and make the kit even better, how about CNCing a compass and architect scale to go along with the rest? ;)

foobear (author)  Sabata1 year ago

You read my mind! I have been contemplating how to best make a compass that could be stored in a flat little shape like this. I have some ideas. It will take some experimenting to work those out. Also, a slide rule! And one other tool that is a secret. I will do it soonish I think. :)

Sabata foobear1 year ago

In lieu of a compass you could easily (I assume it'd be easy) cut a circle template. Back in the old days before CAD we almost always used templates instead of compasses. Circle sizes would be limited for sheets this small but it's simpler than a compass, and I suppose you could do 2-3 templates to fit in the kit.

I never learned to use a slide rule so I will hold out for the architect scale. :)

bo88y Sabata1 year ago

General Tools 843/1 Pencil Compass and Scriber has an MSRP of $3.15, is very compact, and will do the trick up to about a 6" radius. Use a golf pencil or an old, short pencil. Apparently, whiny Amazon buyers are having trouble with the new ones. If the adjustment doesn't hold tight, add a small washer. The most basic compass around. Look at the picture at least. For larger circles, you may have to sharpen the pencil assymetrically with a utility knife.

Search for flat architectural scale rulers, and you'll have 2/3 of the scales you get on the triangular ones. They're only about 6" long. About $8.

foobear (author)  Sabata1 year ago

Actually, I think the compass is essential as it can double as dividers. I've been reading some wonderful old books online where they do some pretty cool things using dividers: e.g.


It's on my todo list to learn some of these old techniques....

Rebreg1 year ago

absolute genius

billbillt1 year ago