Pocket Hobo-style Fishing Kit





Introduction: Pocket Hobo-style Fishing Kit

have you ever been hiking and came to the perfect fishing spot and you don't have your fishing kit? This will help you.  there are so many pocket fishing kits out there.  this kit has almost no parts intended for fishing.  this makes this extremely customizable to fit your needs. this kit is much smaller than others and is much easer to use

Step 1: Materials

all you need is:
a tic-tac box
large paper clip
one small paper clip
about 10 feet of line/string
one grey k'nex rod
2 single connectors
if you want, a 2 lures
by the way, i'm not obsessed with tic-tacs, i just usted to have a collection and I wanted to get rid of them

Step 2: Rod

first bend the small paper clip into a hook (if you bend the large one it won't fit into the box) then clip the  faseners as shown. this becomes your rod (yes, this kit has a rod) if you want to, you could use a radio antenna, but it think that ruins the entire spiriet of hobo fishing.

Step 3: Putting It Together

now, tape the rod to the tic-tac box. now you should shorten the line by wrapping the excess string around the bottom of the tic-tac box. to find the right length of string, put the hook under your foot and strech out the string out as high as you can reach, and then wrap the rest around the base

Step 4: How to Use

all you have to do is simply slip the string through both loops!  if you want to, you could find somthing small and flat to wrap the line around, like a folded pece of paper, or a paper clip.  To cast or reel in just hold the lower part of the string and pull. simply put the spare hook and lure in the tic-tac box. enjoy!!



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    as the hook couldent you just youse a little fly hook same size

    genius ill be adding it to my survival kit but id laugh when you get a good fish on

    during spring clean up a hobo might even be lucky enough to find and actual fishing pole

    1 reply

    i found one like that lol then i got into fishing and got a new one then a bigger catfishing one then a monster 8 foot pole

    a small saftey pin would work alot better than a paper clip you would think

    This is great - catch a fish with it and use that as your into photo - the ruler made me think I needed a ruler for the fishing, well actually you do...

    You say that using an antenna would ruin the hobo concept? I think that it would be way more likely that a hobo would come across an antenna a lot sooner than he would some dumb knex rod.Unless he was about 6

    1 reply

    hey man, if the hobo some how found a k'nex rod and all of the parts, he probley use the k'nex insted of the antenna because you kinda have a reel thingy with the k'nex rod, but if you feel that you want to use the antenna, that's your deal.

    no i haven't, mostley because i just invented it 3 days ago and i live in the suberbs so there arn't many places to fish

     wow im actually gonna use this a lot.