Pocket Knex Gun in 5 Easy Steps





Introduction: Pocket Knex Gun in 5 Easy Steps

easy block trigger with adjustable power and autocock option

Step 1: Colect Pieces and Put Together

5 red connectors
1 orange connector
2 Grey connector
5 blue rods
optional 1 white rod
take 3 red connectors stack them

Step 2: Add 2 Blue Rods

take 1 or 2 blue rods (depending on how easy you are able to build it and incert them in to the 2 oposit slots like in the pictures

Step 3: Add Block Trigger

use 2 greens 1 orange and 1 Grey put them together and put them on either side you are comfortable with

Step 4: Amo Holder and Nozzle

take a green rod attach it to the other side of the trigger and put the red connector closer to the trigger upside down for amo hold and add another red connector for a nozzle

Step 5: Handel and Fireing Pin

take 2 blue rods put them where ever you want to make you comfortable or you can put them where i put them them. on your last blue rod put the last Grey piece on it and insert it in to the side where there are 3 red connectors



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    Where do you get the computer software from?

    Or are the photos from a book

    hey my camera is not working this is all i could do

    and what program are you doing this in? and do you have a link? lol been a long time since youve looked at this instructable i guess.

     yes it has, its something called mlcad, i dont have it any more nor a link where you can download it at, but im sure if you use that wonderful creation called google you can find it in about 5 clicks.

    ok i take that back it very easy to use

    lol know this has nothing to do with your gun but your username pic is from pivot right?

    1 reply

     yes yes it was... and i tried to upload a gif and it failed, oh well.

    you string a rubber band through the grey thing and attach it to the front pull it back and if the orange connector hasn't moved over push it over then load a green piece in the hole and flip up the trigger it should fire

    where do u add rubberbands and how do u shoot wit it?

    do u put a rubber band????? i wanna make my firends bros knex set

    1 reply

    hey sory for the late reply but yes yes you do

    thats not a comment u didnt actually "comment" the gun first comment

    niether did you! =.P good use of mlcad

    first comment!

    aww crap!!

    lol yeah good use of mclad...splendid second comment p.s. i dint realize i just messaged you for the third time lol

    lol all the first coment no coment argument is funny