a lock pick set that you ca make yourself that fits in your pocket for easy storage, and hiding.( note I'm not responsible for what you do with this set so practice good judgment)

Step 1: Gather

Picture of gather
the materials you need are:
hack saw blade
key ring
flat piece o metal( mine was a shishkabob stick)

the tools you'll need:

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CaryM13 days ago

didn't mean the grinder pic when mentioning blur

CaryM13 days ago

Excellent instructions thank you very much. But having all the photos in focus would be wondrful

Ichmawida4 years ago
yes they are cheap and work but are extremely flexible any way to fix that?

It places your hand in more danger as it can get taken with the rotation and taking with it your thumb or a part of your finger.

i thought it would be because it gets hot? but you could also use visegrip

I've been working with metal since I was about ten years old and I'm thirty now, and although I have no formal education in metal work or fabrication I think twenty years is fair experience. That said, the gloves pictured are exactly what I would use and I'm curious what kind of glove you'd recommend.
I would use those gloves for anything that didnt have your hands near the spinning part, the thing is that they are loose fitting gloves and the grinder can grab them and then your attached to something spinning at 5,000+ rpm. I had a friend get his glove removed by a grinder and if it didnt come off quick enough he would have messed up his hand. I honestly dont use gloves for grinding because I would rather chance a really bad skinned finger over losing a hand.

yes never use gloves with any kind of rotary machine, i got my hand stuck in a drill press doing that same thing

Or don't use gloves at all and periodically quench the steel
hashdes made it!1 year ago

j'ai réalisé les outils en 2h avec une Dremel, j'ai adjoint des manche en bois pour une meilleur préhension.

hashdes1 year ago

j'ai fait les crochets merci pour le modèle à imprimer, pour que mon modèle soit impeccable j'ai imprimer les modèle sur du papier photo avec une imprimante laser puis j'ai transféré l'impression sur la lame de scie avec un fer à repasser, pendant environ 15 mn, ensuite l'ensemble est plongé dans de l'eau chaude il faut attendre que le papier se décolle, une foit le modèle près j'ai dégrossi la forme au touret puis utilisé une dremel pour les finitions et l'ébavurage. Les lame que j'ai réalisé peuvent être utilisées sur un pick gun fabriqué avec un épilateur électrique de récupération

1joeking12 years ago
well, i'm gonna give it the college try
Would a Dremmel work?
dent2443 years ago
a good tension wrench can be obtained from the cap of a uni-ball pen
neodymium3 years ago
I just took a metal coat hanger, cut it to size with wire cutters, bent it 3/4 way down with needle nose pliers in half to make a handle, and bent the other end with the pliers inter the pick shape. then i heated the end up with a welding torch red hot (you can use lighters if you don't have a torch) and hammered the end on some concrete to give it it's flat shape.

the tension wrench was a piece of coat hanger bent at a 90 degree angle and heated then hammered flat.

works great with any lock i have encountered so far. a tip to any newbie lock pickers out there: try brushing the pins first with the pick so the process will go faster. (look up the brushing method)
Fiction4 years ago
You can make lock picks that are much higher quality (and much cheaper) using the lost street sweeper blades that litter the gutters of virtually every city that has them. (Find some that haven't started to rust yet; if they have an oxide layer, they are too brittle)

The steel is much stronger and springier than any hacksaw blade, and is already the correct shape for making a pick. All you need is a dremel with a diamond wheel for shaping the your desired profile. Fashioning a handle for the pick is then also a great way to drastically increase the usability

You also can simply bend one of them using a vise or pair of pliers to make a perfect tension wrench.

I've made several picks this way, and own a pre-made lockpick kit, and honestly, I believe the street sweeper blades are made from the very same stock as commercial picks.
war.ace4 years ago
shish kabob sticks are flat not round?
ElvenChild4 years ago
where does the hack saw go?
The BLADE is used as raw material to cut from. The frame isn't involved.
what the heck's a tension wrench? is it the sorta thing you can open bathroom locks with? i use a coat hanger wire for that but i just am not sure what a tension wrench is
lol a tension wrench is required to pick locks it puts tension on the keyhole ...in other words its the twisting part of the key
a tension wrench is used to turn the plug thus opening the lock. and its so the pins wont fall back down
ok dude thanks!
555mst5555 years ago
nice....but i prefer using windshield wiper blade.....thy're much stronger and dont rust!
baneat6 years ago
If you do not have access to a grinder there's a 9 pice set that costs £3.80 delivered in dealextreme.com (great site for cheap little interesting items btw) Is the metal from a steel drinks can thick enough to make the pick?
compan6 years ago
this is a good tutorial. A similar lock pick set would sell online for 50 to 200 bucks. This cost virtually nothing.

Check me out at http://www.computerace.tk
milamber6 years ago
these templates are to size just print them top page best
Pick-Templates.pdf(612x792) 364 KB
PJARRELL6 years ago
I live in Indiana and worked for a fire and security company at Mittle Steel and I owned a lock out kit and a pick set and used them there and in personal life for friends and family I have even gotten pulled over by the state police as well as the local police with them in my front seat and nothing was sead just asked why I had them and that was that. I even carry my pick set in my lunch pale at work it has came in mighty handy on the job . By the way grate instrustable
g-tech (author)  PJARRELL6 years ago
thanks for commenting
stAzer6 years ago
All I use is a bobby pin and half of a tiny scissors, and it works well. It also is a whole lot smaller. But I woud'nt mind making a few, and before I did'nt know how. Thanks!
anakuron6 years ago
big thanks for uploading the pick template!
wenpherd6 years ago
i cant find out how to use them on the website
Datawolf7 years ago
Love your template but... is it the good size ?
g-tech (author)  Datawolf7 years ago
um... yea? I used the template and the sizing was fine, so i guess yes
LINGLING7 years ago
i love this one i usally made out of hair pin (too weak) or watch screw drivers (look alright but weak if to thin) this one look just right tho im a bit worried that it will snap in a lock and i think the tension wrench could just be a small flat head screw driver bent thats what ive been using and its great. good work xD
Hey, great instructable. I have to say Nicholson is a great American brand of both hacksaw blade and file. Also, the two you chose to make are very effective - two of my favorite, and I rarely use any others. I do find a couple rakes useful, like the 5th and 7th from the bottom in the picture (believe it or not, the style name varies from brand to brand). I'm also impressed that you pointed people to a reputable and responsible site. Only thing I would personally add is: NEVER PICK A LOCK THAT ISN'T YOURS OR THAT YOU DON'T HAVE A RIGHT TO. But again, great 'ible!
g-tech (author)  BorisTheSpider7 years ago
hey thanks yea there has been a big discussion on legalities and such, but what peeves me right now is my instructable is getting more hits now because that other dude got a feature and what not when his strutable is almost the exact same as mine, with only one added step at the end, it just bugs me
I wouldn't worry too much about all that. It was probably more timing or somesuch. You did make a great 'ible and at least now you're getting that recognition (late's better than never).
jtobako7 years ago
Just having this is illegal (as in lock you up) in many places unless you have a locksmith license. The cops don't have to show intent-just possession. I felt this needed to be added to the disclaimer.
nope, they need intent (which is completely subjective so you need a damn good excuse) i know because i lockpick as a hobby (i accidentally brought them through airport security, forgot they were in my pockets, didnt make a sound, can anybody say placebo lol, i dont think the security does much) and a set of bogotas can open almoast anything
Depends on where you are : P "§ 97-17-35. Burglary; possession of burglar's tools. It is unlawful for any person to have in his possession implements, tools, or instruments designed to aid in the commission of burglary, larceny or robbery; and on the conviction of any person thereof, he shall be punished by imprisonment in the penitentiary not exceeding five (5) years, or in the county jail not exceeding one year. The carrying concealed about one's person, or in one's baggage, implements, tools, or instruments peculiarly adapted to aid in the commission of burglary, larceny or robbery, shall be prima facie evidence of intention to use them for such purpose. Sources: Codes, 1892, § 997; Laws, 1906, § 1074; Hemingway's 1917, § 802; Laws, 1930, § 818; Laws, 1942, § 2044; Laws, 1956, ch. 246."(Mississippi) "2. The possession thereof except by a mechanic, artificer or tradesman at and in his established shop or place of business, open to public view, shall be prima facie evidence that such possession was had with intent to use or employ or allow the same to be used or employed in the commission of a crime."(Nevada) "All persons in possession of lockpicking equipment are required to be licensed by the Solicitor General of Alberta by virtue of Section 353 of the Criminal Code, which states: Everyone who sells, offers for sale, purchases or has in his/her possession in a province an automobile master key otherwise than under the authority of a licence issued by the Attorney General of that province, is guilty of an indictable offence "(Alberta, Canada) "Going Equipped 1) Source: Theft Act 1968 Section 25(1) Offence: It is an offence for a person, when not at his place of abode, to have with him any article for use in the course of or in connection with any burglary, theft or cheat."(England-love the phrase 'going equipped') Translation: the only reason you would have them is if you intend to use them. Doesn't apply everywhere, but the letter of the law is what matters in these cases. Many say "with intent"-but not all.
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