A altoids tin rocket station that is a blast of fun





altoids tin

book matches

tin foil 


Step 1:

 use your plyers to remove this silver thing but dont throw it away it will be the launch pad

Step 2:

 lay a small strip of tin foal on the surface that you are building this on and then put a match on it so the match head is on the tin foal and then put the needle in top of the match so it looks like the picture and then fold the foil over the whole thing and make sure it is very tight and when you do all of that poll out the needle and where you pulled out the needle that will be the thruster 

Step 3:

 stick the rocket in the launcher and light it

Step 4:

 packing your kit is tricky so i took some pictures
Which end of the match do you light? The one by the foil, or the one by the launcher?
foil* juss sayin
Technical question: You light it at the end of the match near the launch pad, right?
when plying the top of the lighter off leave the metal alone. what you are doing when tilted for a period of time the flame melts the plastic and you end up with a second rocket. what you want to do it on the top you'll see 2 flaps holding the "safety" of the lighter pry those off and pull the "safety" off (it should come out with a bit of wiggling)
someone who spells launch pad wrong shouldnt be building&quot;rockets&quot;<br />
They're actually pretty cool.<br />
&nbsp;I don't see how&nbsp;misspelling&nbsp;a word can effect your out come on a rocket but what ever. . . &nbsp;
&nbsp;my spell check changes &nbsp;words&nbsp;<br /> <br />
OK<br />

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