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This is a pocket sized alcohol stove for the survival kit i'm working on.
It is really small, yet a good alcohol stove. It has no moving parts and it's made from 2 components, being very strong and durable.
The materials are:
a gas stove's tap's mount piece,
an old lamp,
some wire,
and, of course, the alcohol.
To assemble it just remove all the lamp's socket glass except the bottom black glass wich holds the contact, put it in the stove's piece and secure it with wire. To use it just put the pan on the stove, fill the lamp's socket with alcohol and start it up.


stevec038 (author)2012-07-15

Thanks for quick reply. The box marked "Quinas" tipped me off as to your country. I gues its off to a plumbers shop to see the gas tap mount. Good luck. By the way, how long does this stove take to boil 500ml of water and what fuel do you use?

tgferreira184 (author)stevec0382012-07-16

I got some pictures that may help you.
The first is the type of stove and the second is the look under the silver metal.
In the second you can see the piece with the tap mounted (the part which looks like a + and in the other end a pipe to the burner. In the middle is the part we want.

stevec038 (author)tgferreira1842012-07-16

Thanks for the pictures. Now I understand. That type of stove is used mainly for camping and hunting cabins here where I live in Oklahoma.. I have a single burner model used for emergencies and it has the same part in it so it all makes sense now. As to fuels, I have used isopropyl alcohol (91%), methanol(HEET), 100% ethanol, 151 proof rum, and 150 proof vodka. All work but some better than others. Look at a sight called for a lot of information and a discussion of various fuels. keep building and inventing.

mkmangold (author)stevec0382017-02-28

Zenstoves for sure. Zelph builds the Mangold Mamba which I inspired.

tgferreira184 (author)stevec0382012-07-16

thanks. I'm also working on a refiller so that is no longer necessary let it stop burning to refuel

here is an image of the refiller.
It is a syringe with a piece of stripped bike's brake hose.
to use it you refill it with alcohol, pass the hose in the stove's screw hole and empty the syringe in the lightbulb.

it took about 15 minutes with some wind to boil the water.
An advice if you are going to make one:
Use a bigger lightbulb than mine becouse mine has fuel for 2.5 minutes and if you dont hurry putting some more on it the water will cool and will not boil.
What other fuels are you talking about?

sergio mendes (author)2012-07-19

meu fogão não tê-lo.I will use a can of corn

stevec038 (author)2012-07-13

The stove concept is simple and elegant. I really like it. I am also assuming looking at the pctures that you are from a Hispanic country somewhere. I have to ask then, what is a gas stove's tap' mount piece? It seems to be integral to the stove as both a fuel resevoir holder and a pot stand. But what s it?

tgferreira184 (author)stevec0382012-07-15

gas stoves work by throw gas throw a hole to a pipe directed to the burner, which catches air, feeding the flame. this piece has a flat part, which is where the tap is mounted and a cilindrical part with a screw, where the pipe is mounted.
By the way I'm from Portugal.

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