Introduction: Pocket Sized Dart Shooter

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This will teach you how to make a pocket sized ninja dart shooter 

Step 1: Lets Take a Look

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these are the supplies for the dart shooter!!

Step 2: Cut Them Pieces Cletus

Picture of Cut Them Pieces Cletus

just cut all the way through dont cut your hand off :)

Step 3: Aligning Things

Picture of Aligning Things

now to make the main body just rap that rubber band yea

Step 4: Putting the Spring On

Picture of Putting the Spring On

this is where the magic happens baby! the video will explain more in the next step!

Step 5: Loading and Other Stuff

this shows how to put the spring on load it and fire! remember this is my first instcrutable ! so i don't really expect much YOU Know what you guys are makers i lost this picture so uh figure it out


c3ralki1l3r (author)2013-01-15

here a video that show you to load and cock it :D:
but you did a good job explaining

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